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Pat Sajak launches mind-exploding common-sensed tweet not tolerable for the liberal masses

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Game show host Pat Sajak ruffled liberal feathers today when he tweeted his personal story and theory about the minimum wage controversy.

Sajak, is becoming as well known for his political quips on Twitter as he is for being the long-term host of CBS’s “Wheel of Fortune.” His tweet was likely aimed at the liberal mindset that minimum wage should be a livable wage – be damned the economic consequences.

Fiscal conservatives argue the market can’t bear livable wages for entry-level positions without sacrificing jobs and raising the cost of products and services.

Besides, an entry level job is just that – a stepping stone in the right direction. It’s not the end-game.

When Sajak tweeted the obvious, it no doubt, brought about out a raucous social media debate:

It’s OK, Sajak can take it.

See, I told you he could take it.

There were plenty of Tweeters who had his back too.

Nobody’s looking down. The point is to be looking up.

Right on.

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