Megyn Kelly fans call for her to fire her stylist

Fortunately, “foxy” news icon Megyn Kelly has a track record of looking amazing, so a temporary fashion faux pas is no cause for alarm.

It did provoke fans to voice their opinion about the dress she wore on Friday night’s “The Kelly File.”

Beloved Kelly was given a pass for the most part, but her stylist was held to the fire.

megyn-kelly dress

The number of comments offering Kelly “constructive criticism” was off the charts, but they all seemed to be laced with love . Check out Twitchy’s selection of tweets:

Let’s mention one that started on a high note.

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81 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly fans call for her to fire her stylist

  1. itsjustme says:

    Megyn looking skanky tonite…

  2. working4change says:

    sorry but shes hot and i want more dresses that show off her, everything.

    shes smart, funny, and a goddess. just think she has 2 kids in past 3ish years and still has the body of a Model. God blessed with it all. her designer should get a Pay increase!

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