Kamala Harris lets slip an inconvenient truth about ‘woke’

Vice President Kamala Harris accidentally let the cat out of the bag with a warning about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. DEI practices have been put in place […]

Democrat DA in Laken Riley case pressured to remove herself over ‘real concern’ she’s unfit for the job

The Democrat district attorney who was to prosecute Laken Riley’s killer has stepped down over concerns she’s not equipped for the job. “I have a real concern […]

First Republican announces bid to fill McConnell’s shoes is met with fierce opposition: ‘Hell no!’

Names are already surfacing to succeed Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., who will be stepping down in November. The 82-year-old is the longest-serving party leader in […]

Migrants are asked, ‘Biden or Trump?’

Migrants at an Arizona tent camp overwhelmingly chose President Biden over former President Trump when asked who is “best for illegal immigration.” The migrants questioned were on […]

Biden’s annual checkup reveals more than they want you to know

According to White House physician Kevin O’Connor, President Joe Biden is mostly “healthy” save for an amalgamation of small conditions. O’Connor’s conclusion was published Wednesday after the […]

Fetterman slams liberal’s ‘recreational cruelty’ toward Lauren Boebert family after her son’s arrest

Cutting through the din of the left’s mockery of Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) came the voice of Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.) who called out the “recreational cruelty.” […]

CNN talking head has angry spat with GOP lawmaker over Hunter testimony: ‘That’s incorrect sir!’

Hunter Biden finally testified in the impeachment inquiry into his father and Democrats were in a full-court press to manage perceptions, especially on the cable news networks […]

Sheriff of county where Laken Riley was murdered campaigned on not cooperating with ICE; listen

The sheriff of the Georgia county where Laken Riley was murdered had campaigned on not cooperating with immigration officials. During a 2020 interview with Athens Political Nerds, […]

Trump unleashes on ‘basket case’ Biden for claiming he forgot Melania’s name

Dark Brandon got a sound spanking from former President Donald Trump on Wednesday. In a botched attempt to appear biting, President Biden appeared Monday on “Late Night […]

Reporter has whopper of a cocaine question for Hunter

As President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden prepared to leave Capitol Hill following his congressional testimony, a reporter yelled out a question about cocaine. The younger Biden’s […]

Bannon suggests that Fox News could face probe in new Trump administration

Steve Bannon, who served as Donald Trump’s campaign manager and White House advisor, accused Fox News host Brian Kilmeade of being an “apparatchik” who “doesn’t matter” and […]

‘Liar!’ Athens mayor shouted down when he blames Laken Riley death on Trump being ‘mean’ to illegals

Athens Mayor Kelly Girtz was shouted down by angry Georgia residents who called him a “liar” over his remarks on the death of nursing student Laken Riley […]

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