Mitch McConnell’s PAC drops $7M ad backing Murkowski over Trump-endorsed candidate in Alaska

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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is showing his true colors by having his leadership PAC spend $7 million on advertising that will back Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) instead of former President Donald Trump’s endorsed candidate, Kelly Tshibaka, in the upcoming midterm elections.

“It’s important for Lisa to be reelected. She’s one of the few sort of moderates in the middle of the Senate,” he stated during an interview with Axios’ Jonathan Swan. He called her “a key player in advancing bipartisan legislation.”

“We’re going to do everything we can to make sure she’s successful,” McConnell vowed.

This is the first Republican primary McConnell’s PAC has meddled in so far. Most of the money from the organization is being funneled into six general election battles beginning in September.

“We don’t seek out opportunities to be involved in primaries,” Senate Leadership Fund President Steven Law told Politico which is the exact opposite of what the PAC appears to be doing in Alaska.

Murkowski is viewed by conservatives as a Republican in name only (RINO.) She has been labeled as a “moderate” Republican who leans more towards the Democrats than her own party, but McConnell is standing firmly behind the senator, keeping his promise to support incumbents. She has held that seat for 20 years.

Trump is no fan of Murkowski’s. She was one of the seven Republican senators who voted to impeach the former president over alleged incitement in connection to the Jan. 6 protest.

The senator was the lone Republican cloture vote against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. She also joined Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) in supporting the abortion ruling Roe v Wade be kept in place. Murkowski voted in favor of the bipartisan infrastructure bill last year and helped secure Supreme Court Justice-designate Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

She was censured by the Alaska Republican Party over her vote to impeach Trump. The party made it clear they did not want her on the 2022 ballot as a Republican.

Trump endorsed Tshibaka in June, getting a head start on the race in Alaska. She is an Alaskan native who attended both Texas A&M University and Harvard Law School, according to the Anchorage Daily News. Tshibaka was appointed by Alaska’s governor to lead the Department of Administration in January 2019.

She also worked for nearly 17 years for the federal government in D.C. during the Bush, Obama, and Trump administrations. She was employed in the office of inspector general for the US Postal Service, the Federal Trade Commission, the Director of National Intelligence, and the Justice Department at various points in her career.

“Lisa Murkowski is bad for Alaska,” Trump proclaimed via a statement as he endorsed Tshibaka. The former president also said he would campaign for her in Alaska.

Tshibaka savaged Murkowski on her record of supporting Biden’s nominees and accused her of trading Alaska for friends in the nation’s capital.

“Lisa Murkowski has forgotten us because she cares more about being popular with her friends in Washington, DC,” Tshibaka charged, according to The Washington Times.

Tshibaka has also bluntly stated that she won’t support McConnell as leader of the Senate.

Murkowski announced she was running for re-election in November.

She is massively outraising Tshibaka in fundraising, according to CNN. As of March 31, Murkowski had more than $5.2 million in the bank to prop up her campaign; Tshibaka had less than $1 million.

Now, McConnell wants to give her as much as she spent on her entire 2016 campaign to be added to her coffers.


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49 thoughts on “Mitch McConnell’s PAC drops $7M ad backing Murkowski over Trump-endorsed candidate in Alaska

  1. Let’s be honest here. This really is a contest between Beauty and a Beast. Poor Lisa is uglier on the inside than on the outside and that’s a taaaaall order!

  2. Please take your propaganda elsewhere. This is not your site to advertise and it’s getting very tiresome seeing your scam.

  3. I plan on skipping the senate races in my State next election. I’m wondering where have they been when it comes to doing something to rein in the disaster in the WH.

  4. Advertising for Murky HAS to be ALL LIES!! If you advertised her TRUE actions she couldn’t get elected county dog catcher!

  5. This, among MANY OTHER THINGS, is why China Mitch has to be primaried out. He is a traitor to the American people, and his wife’s family is connected at the hip to the Communist in China. Her family is the largest ship building company in China. The corruption in our government is rampant and it is evil.
    KAG Trump 2024 (or sooner)

  6. Because Mitch has millions to spend and has a grudge against Trump. And this is why 100% the GOP will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and not do as well as possible in the mid-term elections. I’m giving nothing to the GOP and Mitch. I hope someone can straighten him out. This is why I hate the party. The circular firing squad

  7. Mr. Turtle Man is an embarrassment to the human race and the repo party. This is proof that NO politician – left, right, middle (are there any out there) is honorable and trustworthy. They are in the game for one reason and one reason only – MONEY.

  8. Citizens of Alaska, do you want DC $ running your state? If not, vote opposite of the $.

  9. This is exactly why I refuse to donate any money to the RNC. Instead of getting rid of these Rino’s the RNC is throwing re-election money at them. The GOP will always come in second place because of it. Get rid of McConnell and the rinos and make everyone else tow the line.
    You want to donate? Then donate directly to President Trump.

    1. I have long ago stopped taking their calls, and I delete/block all of their emails. I give only to candidates, not parties.
      KAG Trump 2024 (or sooner)

      1. I tell them, point blank, I will NEVER donate to them while they back anyone who voted to impeach. That includes Murkowski, Collins, Romeny, Cheney, Kinzinger or any of the rest of them. NOT ONE NICKLE!

  10. McConnel must be replaced – this is the straw that broke the camel’s back . Murkowski isn’t just a Rino – she is a leftie Dem in disguise .

  11. This is WHY we need a new Party we will NEVER get rid of the corrupt RINOS in DC. Why does McConnell repeatedly interfere in primaries? In Murkowski’s last election she lost in the primary. McConnell financed her WRITE IN campaign against the Republican the State had elected. Her opponent was a tea party candidate backed by Palin and others. Murkowski originally got her seat because her DADDY appointed her. Alaskans live in large State with small population. They struggle to get rid of this corrupt POS swamp creature Senator that voted against ANWAR, Kavanaugh and many other Republican issues. Like Liz Cheney, Murkowski grew up in DC not Alaska. This small population State has a hard time fighting against McConnell money INTERFERENCE in the PRIMARY. The RNC and Republican super pacs need to just butt out and let Alaskans pick the Republican candidate. It makes you wonder WHY McConnell keeps this Republican in office that EVERYONE in the country can always count to vote with the Democrats. WHY? would our Party leadership want to help her stay in office? We need a new Party. We will NEVER root out the RINOS.

    1. As long as citizens are armed we always have the opportunity to remove traitors. What is lacking is solidarity, will and guts.

  12. A loser supporting another loser, IMO. If Susan Collins ever steps down, Murkowski will never be able to make any decision. Seems whatever Susan does, Murkowski follows suit.

  13. Now I understand why Sarah Palin isn’t running for the AK senate seat. The McConnell gang and their money is too much for her to overcome.

  14. McConnell has been pretty cagey about his hatred of Trump, Trump voters, and Conservatives until after the last fraud of an election, however now he has removed his Republican mask and given us a peek at the REAL Mitch McConnell! He isn’t just a Rino, he’s a dam- traitor!

    1. Mitch, through his wife, has HUGE investments in and business relationships with CHINA. Mitch does what keeps his cash flowing from China. Next question?

  15. Merkowski’s “proven”, though, while we have no idea how this new lady will vote, so McConnell wants the proven!!!

    1. Not sure I understand ‘BigBrick.’
      So Merkowski is a RINO and a traitor to conservatives and her challenger hasn’t shown herself to be the same, therefore vote for the crook?

    2. Merkowski’s proven to be a DemoKKKrap, that’s well known. Her challenger has not.
      KAG Trump 2024 (or sooner)

  16. McConnell is the poster child for EVERYTHING that’s wrong with the republican party.

    Vote this POS out of office and elect real Americans like Tshibaka, Boebert, MTG and others like them.

    It’s not enough to retake the house and the senate. We need to reshape what the conservative party looks like, and it sure af doesn’t looks like Murkowski, Collins, Romney, Graham and McConnell.

    Vote these America-hating pieces of s*** out of office once and for all!

    It’s becoming clear that if America is going to be saved, it’ll be saved by conservative women. Support them or lose your first-world country to the hordes of filthy, diseased illegal scum swarming across our border.

  17. Is McConnell who we really want as the Senate Majority Leader? Especially after this endorsement?

  18. I guessed McConnell would use the money donated to the Republican Senatorial Committee (RSC) to support his RINOs. So, I gave my donations to President Trump’s PAC and not to the RSC. We all should do that and give McConnell a strong message.

  19. Mitch the turtle has got to go…..Kentucky…….is that who you want representing you???? Not to mention his ties to China…..Vote him out

  20. Hopefully this article will boost funds/donations to Tshibaka. Murkowski is no moderate, she’s a raging leftie.

  21. Sorry Mitch, but you need to go along with Murkowski and Romney. You people have simply been on the side of Leftists Democrats too often, and have cost this country too much.

  22. Time for the King Rino to be put down the road !! He’s a DISGRACE to the Republican Party and they HAVE to boot his Ancient Rino azz out of the Party ! VOTE THIS MORON OUT !

  23. Hey Kentucky! While mitch mcconnell is everybody’s problem, he’s all your fault. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! The rest of us can’t vote him out. That’s YOUR responsibility!

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