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Biden water carriers hit Ronny Jackson for saying WH ‘is doing everything to HIDE obvious cognitive decline’

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Texas Congressman Dr. Ronny Jackson took to the airwaves to decry the ‘6 pages of NOTHING‘ that comprised President Joe Biden’s recent health exam, including the glaring lack of a cognitive ability test.

Newsmax TV’s ‘Wake Up America’ host Rob Finnerty asked Jackson if he was “surprised if anything was missing” from Biden’s exam, to which the congressman responded that there was “a lot missing.”

“There was a lot missing, Rob. Honestly there was six pages of stuff that most people just don’t care about. I mean, Dr. O’Conner spent six pages addressing an occasional cough and some stiffness and things like that, when the elephant in the room is the president’s cognitive ability. Over fifty percent of this country does not believe he is cognitively fit to be our commander in chief and our head of state, yet that wasn’t addressed anywhere in there,” Jackson stated.

He continued by recalling his examination of former President Trump, and how the left was rabid in their pursuit of his cognitive report.

“We set the precedent when we did President Trump’s physical, I did. The far-left and the mainstream media were relentless in their pursuit of me to do something to address not only his physical capabilities but his mental capabilities, which we did. We did a cognitive test. As far as I’m concerned, we set the precedent and [Biden] should have had one done as well,” Jackson said.

Finnerty noted that Jackson had also previously treated former President Obama as well, suggesting that the doctor’s assessment was not made out of partisan political desire.

It didn’t take long for liberals to pounce on the segment, doing everything in their power to deflect from the points that he had made:


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