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Media bashed for cautious tone on Waukesha after rush to condemn Rittenhouse as racist

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Critics of the media’s coverage of the deadly incident in Waukesha, Wis., are lashing out on social media, with many suggesting there is a distinct difference in presentation and tone between what happened Saturday evening and the press’ coverage of Kyle Rittenhouse’s case.

Police have a “person of interest” in custody after someone drove an SUV through a Christmas parade in the city, which is located just 55 miles north of Kenosha, where a jury found Rittenhouse not guilty of murder stemming from an August 2020 incident in which he shot and killed two men while wounding an armed third man after they set upon him during rioting.

According to reports, at least five people were killed and another 40 injured, some of whom were children, after the driver of the SUV slammed into parade participants and spectators alike.

Fox News reported that police are questioning Darrell E. Brooks Jr., “a Milwaukee man with a criminal history dating back to 1999 that includes numerous violent felonies,” in connection with the parade incident.

The Waukesha Christmas parade person of interest has been identified as Darrell E. Brooks Jr., a Milwaukee man with a criminal history dating back to 1999 – with numerous violent felonies, court records show.(Screengrab courtesy Fox News)

“He has a long rap sheet and a number of pending cases. Brooks’ most recent court appearance came on Nov. 5 for charges including reckless endangerment, battery, domestic abuse, resisting arrest and bail jumping. He was out on $1,000 bail for those charges at the time of the attack,” the network added.

Critics of the media’s coverage suggest outlets are putting their focus on other aspects of the Waukesha incident such as the SUV itself and reports that the driver, whoever it is, was fleeing a crime involving a knifing.

Other critics suggested that the media is intentionally trying to shape a narrative that de-emphasizes the perpetrator of the crime after focusing so much attention on Rittenhouse personally regarding his case, even to the point of making false and libelous assertions, according to some.

As seen below, opting to run over 40 some people, including children, to flee a possible knifing is a hard pill to swallow:

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