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Actors dish on ‘new level’ method acting in Hunter Biden movie that holds NOTHING back

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(Video Credit: The Ann and Phelim Scoop)

British actor Laurence Fox, who is the leading man in the upcoming movie “My Son Hunter,” has taken method acting to a “new level” after being seen in a number of lurid debauched photos while playing a coked-up, passed out Hunter Biden.

In one scene, the Hunter Biden character lost consciousness after snorting cocaine off the breast of a scantily clad woman who was apparently a prostitute.

The movie also depicts Hunter Biden’s burgeoning art career that has raised concerns of influence-peddling in the White House to foreign governments and power players.

The pictures were posted to a Twitter account called “My Son Hunter” and captioned as “Beautiful Things.” That phrase is a slap at Hunter Biden’s recent memoir which deals with his drug, sex, and alcohol addictions.

Fox has fully embraced his character. Another image from the Daily Mail shows him in nothing by a white jockstrap, an orange scarf, and a pair of aviator-style sunglasses posing next to a woman in lingerie.

“Last few days of @MySonHunter,” the conservative actor tweeted out on Wednesday. “It’s been such a joy to act again and work with such wonderfully talented people. I’ll be sad to go back to my cancellation, but there is much work to be done to put an end to #CancelCulture and the monochromatic boredom of political correctness. ”

“Dynasty” actor John James is playing Joe Biden in the movie. He revealed he also took “method acting” to a “new level” after he wound up being rushed to the hospital while in Serbia filming the upcoming Hunter Biden biopic.

James, 65, fell Saturday at a Belgrade restaurant while he was off-set. The incident resulted in a head injury.

The actor jokingly claimed the accident was due to “method acting.”

“I’ve been playing stumbling and bumbling Joe Biden for almost a month now on set, I guess I took method acting to a new level. I was walking into a Belgrade restaurant, and I collided with the side of a glass door,” James said, according to Fox News.

“I had a large cut above my eye, and there was a lot of blood on the sidewalk. I was pretty stunned and was rushed to a hospital,” he noted.

“It was Saturday night in the Belgrade ER room, and like Saturday night ERs all over the world, it was pretty crazy, but I received top class treatment and a couple of stitches and will be back on the set on Monday,” he remarked. “The show must go on.”

In a 39-second clip announcing his role in October for the movie, James stated, “The script has it all. Money, power, greed, sex, drugs, and alcohol.”

“I’m especially excited to be working with a wonderful actor – Laurence Fox is going to be my son, Hunter,” he announced. “We have some interesting scenes together.”

“This is a common tale of a father’s ultimate love for his son, despite his major shortcomings,” the actor added. “My Son Hunter is an inside look at the world of politics.”

(Video Credit: The Ann and Phelim Scoop)

The indie movie has raised more than $1.6 million in a crowdfunding campaign according to its website.

“You will be shocked by what you see on screen. You may think you know the story, but the truth is more damning than you could ever imagine!” producers Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney proclaimed.

Some of the scenes reportedly are evidently inspired by material on Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop.

Bond villain and “Die Hard” actor Robert Davi, 70, is directing the biopic. “My Son Hunter” will explore Hunter’s “dodgy business dealings, party/strip club lifestyle and addiction struggles,” stated a press release that was sent to Fox News.

People can’t wait to see the movie:


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