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‘He’s like Mr. Magoo’: Biden stands out for being the COP26 leader wearing a mask on world stage

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President Joe Biden has once again confused Americans with his behavior on masking, leading many to believe that the “science” he’s always talking about may not be reliable or worth following.

While taking part in a panel at the United Nations climate conference, Biden could be seen wearing a standard black cloth mask. The most notable thing about this, though, was that he was the only one wearing any type of mask on this particular scene. Of course, such theater didn’t stop him from schmoozing and shaking hands with his global counterparts.

It was previously believed that the handshake greeting was going to be made obsolete due to the existence and spread of COVID-19, replaced with methods of greeting less likely to spread germs, like the elbow bump.

You can see Biden mingling with the other unmasked members of the panel. It is unclear whether any of them asked about his insistence to continue to wear the face-covering, despite being the only one to do so.

The video, and the stark contrast in national leaders it showed, did not go unseen by Twitter:

It was pointed out that Biden was masked for this event, but somehow didn’t find it necessary to wear one for his meeting with the Pope:

Or when he was campaigning (unsuccessfully) for failed Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe:

Biden’s spotty masking history doesn’t set a good example for those he is looking to convince about the ongoing pandemic. He is either concerned about potentially contracting/spreading COVID, or he’s not, but it is unclear why he chooses to mask up for certain events and not for others.

Critics can point to this inconsistency to show that the government’s message about coronavirus protections is either not based on science, or is not being followed by the very people who expect everyone else to follow it. Aside from being an embarrassing show on the world stage, it is a bad look for his administration as well and may even pose a problem in 2024.


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