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Whole Foods gets walloped over woke anti-racist banner to connect with the black community

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Whole Foods accidentally stomped on a cultural hornet’s nest in an attempt to connect with the black community by hanging a woke banner proclaiming that they are anti-racist.

A social media user posted a tweet showing the high-end grocery store with a sign that read, “Racism has no place here. We support the black community.”

The food chain was mocked mercilessly on social media for its lame political correctness and its craven pandering on race.

The user’s comment pretty much says it all, “This sh*t is deranged.”

Another user pointed to the hypocrisy of the store, “In 2020 a group of Whole Foods employees wore shirts with the phrase “racism has no place here” and were told to change their shirts or go home. Fast forward to today Whole Foods, a grocery store that (to my knowledge) has no stores in predominantly Black spaces has this up.”

That was just the beginning of an avalanche of criticism and ridicule aimed at Whole Foods’ anti-racist message while not locating stores in predominantly black neighborhoods.

In July of 2020, over a dozen employees at Whole Foods stores in four states claimed in a class-action lawsuit that the company retaliated against them for wearing the Black Lives Matters apparel according to the New York Times.

Fourteen employees at stores located in California, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Washington State, claim that the company drew the line at Black Lives Matter masks, apparel, and pins. A class-action lawsuit contends that the workers were sent home without pay, subjected to “corrective” discipline, and were threatened with losing their jobs for refusing to remove the items.

During that same time period, a Whole Foods store reportedly prohibited a group of its employees from wearing shirts printed with the phrase “racism has no place here” which is exactly what the current banner says.

In Portland, OR, Whole Foods workers also walked off the job in solidarity with an employee who insisted on wearing an unauthorized, hand-made “racism has no place here” button. The employee pointed out, “The words on his button are also printed on banners that Whole Foods Market has hung in its stores and printed on its website.”

Ironically, Whole Foods has used the phrase “racism has no place here” in its own marketing materials in connection with the Black Lives Matter movement, according to Business Insider.

The pricey food outlet was hammered on social media on one hand while getting a little support on the other:


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