‘Too many are weeping tonight:’ Christie Brinkley posts heartfelt message after deadly attack in Kabul

Former supermodel Christie Brinkley took to social media on Friday to post a heartfelt message following the deadly ISIS-K attack on American forces in Kabul a day earlier, noting her longtime association with U.S. military personnel and how painful it is to think of their losses.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Brinkley lamented the loss of life that included more than 100 Afghanis who were massed in front of a checkpoint manned by U.S. personnel as a suicide bomber detonated their payload. A separate explosion occurred a couple of hundred yards away a short time later near a hotel.

“Too many are weeping tonight, too much loss, too much pain and suffering, too many families in turmoil, too much anger hate weapons and violence,” Brinkley’s post began.

“For a species capable of so much beauty compassion and love, humans sure have made a mess of this world,” she continued, adding: “And we constantly hand that mess over to our troops to clean up.”


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Brinkley went on to note that she has spent a lot of time with U.S. military personnel throughout her career, adding that her experiences have been enjoyable every step of the way, which is what makes Thursday’s attack even more heartbreaking to her.

“[I’ve] met with troops several times over the years to thank them for their service in Kosovo, Macedonia, Sarajevo, USS Bataan and more,” she said.

“And I was often struck by how young and polite they were, how eager and sincere was their desire to be of service, to help,” Brinkley continued, adding “it hurts to think about them tonight knowing how many deaths and casualties there were today in Kabul where they were helping and how close to coming home they were.”

The former supermodel also said she’s been to refugee camps as well, adding that she finds it “excruciating to think how close so many who helped our troops were to escaping the oppression of the Taliban and all the chaos they’ve endured for some 20 years.”

“Just tragic,” Brinkley continued.

According to Pentagon officials, 11 Marines were killed in Thursday’s attack along with two U.S. Army soldiers and one U.S. Navy corpsman. The death toll involving Afghanis rose to 169 overnight, according to The Associated Press.

Also overnight, reports said the Pentagon allegedly killed an ISIS-K “planner” in a drone strike in the eastern part of the country, near the Pakistan border. By early Saturday, Defense Department officials had not released the name of the person targeted or how the Pentagon knew where to find him.

Thursday’s attack was the most lethal involving U.S. military personnel in years. It was also the first combat-related deaths of American servicemen or servicewomen in 18 months after former President Donald Trump and his administration struck a peace deal with Taliban representatives in February 2020, one condition of which was to cease all attacks on U.S. forces.

Pentagon officials also said Friday that the attack at the Abbey Gate entrance into Hamid Karzai International Airport involved a single suicide bomber, not two as was originally thought.

Officials said the bomber carried a heavier-than-normal bomb load — 25 pounds — that also contained shrapnel.

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