State Dept. issues grim ‘final’ warning to Americans in Kabul they’re on their own, then recants

With President Biden’s arbitrary August 31 deadline fast approaching, the drawdown of U.S. troops at the Kabul airport began on Tuesday, amid warning from the Taliban that there will be “consequences” if the U.S. doesn’t meet that deadline.

Never mind that there are still American citizens in Kabul who are reportedly having a difficult time penetrating the Taliban perimeter around Hamid Karzai International Airport — amid the chaos, a firefight broke out outside the airport on Monday.

On that note, the U.S. embassy in Kabul sent out a “final message” for Americans still in the city, only to quickly recall it.

New York Times Washington bureau reporter Catie Edmondson shared that message in a tweet, adding: “US embassy in Afghanistan today sent out a “final message” for Americans wanting to leave Kabul with government help, per source. Tells them to bring husband or wife and children under 21 only.”

As seen in the message above, the State Department is essentially telling remaining Americans that they are on their own: “American citizens who choose to remain in Afghanistan should be prepared to arrange their own departure without assistance from the U.S. government.”

NBC News reporter Richard Engel tweeted that the “final message” was recalled within a half hour.

“US embassy issues last alert for US citizens to leave afghanistan or they’re on their own, then recalls it 30 mins later,” he tweeted.

A State Department spokesperson told the Daily Caller that the message was recalled for “technical reasons.”

“We sent an email to American citizens earlier that was recalled for technical reasons. “We shortly thereafter sent a revised email, and recipients should follow the instructions in that message. For security reasons, we are not going to get into further detail,” the spokesperson said.

The president and White House press secretary continue to repeat a now familiar, if not ominous, talking point, which is that the administration is committed to bringing Americans home “who want to leave.”

It’s important in that a host of people, including U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., chair of the House Intelligence Committee, have said that it’s highly unlikely the U.S. will meet the deadline Biden set for getting Americans out.

The phrase is repeated so often it’s becoming clear that the White House is setting the narrative to justify Americans being left behind by suggesting that it was their choice, or that they failed to heed the warnings.

The question remains, should this come to fruition, will the same media that elected Biden allow the administration to pull it off by turning the page, ignoring the plight of those who may be left behind Taliban lines.

Remarkably, there are lemmings eager to not only buy the talking point but to help disseminate it — never mind that Biden assured everyone that the Taliban would not be taking control of the country anytime soon a few weeks before they did just that:

On the other hand, social media users could not help but comment on the seemingly never-ending incompetence of Team Biden:

Tom Tillison


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