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Tucker’s first-grade teacher lashes out over book, says he ’embellished’ description of her

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson is being angrily attacked by his first-grade teacher over claims he made about her being a liberal in his 2018 book.

In the book, “Ship of Fools: How a Selfish Ruling Class Is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution,” Carlson recalls his childhood in San Diego and attending school as one of Marianna Raymond’s first-grade students in the 1970s at La Jolla Country Day School in southern California when he was 7-years-old.

The Washington Post is reporting that he described the teacher as “a parody of earth-mother liberalism” who “wore long Indian-print skirts. … She had little interest in conventional academic topics, like reading and penmanship.”

One reported excerpt claims that Carlson contends she cried while sitting at her desk and proclaimed, “The world is so unfair! You don’t know that yet. But you’ll find out!”

“Mrs. Raymond never did teach us; my father had to hire a tutor to get me through phonics,” Carlson recounted. The Washington Post also says that he wrote that he wished liberals would “stop blubbering and teach us to read.”

Not long after that, Carlson posits that he began his life-long journey as a conservative.

In an article for the media outlet, Raymond ostensibly pushed back against Carlson’s assertions, denying she ever cried at her desk and that she did not wear Indian skirts.

“Oh my God. That is the most embellished, crazy thing I ever heard,” the 77-year-old teacher exclaimed.

The teacher also claimed that she didn’t share her political views with her students. She contends that she was the one who taught Carlson to read and was hired by his family to privately tutor him at home. Raymond says her students were “very affluent and white.”

The educator said she had no idea what Carlson said about her in his book until The Washington Post got a hold of her for an article reportedly tracking Carlson’s rise to media fame and his status as a conservative. The leftist media conglomerate informed her about the alleged characterization. She says she remembers him as a “precious” and “very, very polite and sweet” child.

Liberals pounced after hearing the allegations by the Post.

Carlson’s response to the potential hit-piece from The Washington Post was blunt, “You want to make me shut up, so you call me a racist. I’ve seen it before.”

When Fox News was contacted by The Hill over the story, they were told that Carlson “is an important voice in America which deeply resonates with millions of viewers via our powerful primetime lineup and two in-depth shows on FOX Nation — we fully support him.”

Liberals were quick to spew hatred at Carlson as they usually do:


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