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‘That’s just not true’: Tucker rips CDC director for claim benefits of Covid vaccine in kids outweighs risks

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson blatantly accused CDC Director Rochelle Walensky on Wednesday of downplaying the risks of teenagers getting the COVID vaccine which has been linked to heart inflammation in adolescents and young adults.

Carlson is especially concerned about 12 to 17-year-olds getting the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines because they are the ones that are reportedly linked to a rare heart condition. During the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” segment, he played a clip of Walensky addressing the risk-benefit analysis in regards to teens getting vaccinated.

The CDC director noted that there could be as many as 30 to 40 “mild, self-limited cases” of myocarditis in the next four months if one million or more children receive the vaccine. She went on to claim that the benefit of the vaccinations would be that 8,000 COVID-19 cases could be averted. It would also allegedly mean that 200 hospitalizations and 50 ICU stays could be avoided. She also touted one life being saved. But there was no mention of potential lives lost due to the vaccine or the hospitalizations involved because of side effects related to inoculation, especially when it comes to adolescents and young adults.

Carlson responded to her claims during his segment: “That’s just not true. As noted by Alex Berridge and we checked, you go to the CDC website you will find CDC numbers that contradict what the CDC director just said. According to the CDC, out of a typical group of 100,000 young people who take the vaccine, more than 25,000 can be expected to have side effects – one in four. Another 700 are likely to require medical care and two will be hospitalized.”

(Video Credit: Fox News | Tucker Carlson)

The COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Technical (VaST) Work Group stated in a presentation on Wednesday that the risk of myocarditis or pericarditis in adolescents and young adults is significantly higher after the second Moderna or Pfizer shot is administered.

Carlson has repeatedly questioned the need for young adults and children to be vaccinated since they are the lowest bracket at risk of contracting the virus.

The conservative pundit has also spoken to Dr. Robert Malone, whom he asserts is “the single most qualified” expert on mRNA vaccines. He helped create the mRNA technology that is the basis for the COVID vaccines. Malone was censored on YouTube after speaking out concerning the vaccine and its risks. Carlson declared that Malone “has a right to speak.”

Malone stated that when it comes to younger Americans, he “has a bias that the benefits probably don’t outweigh the risks in that cohort.”

He contends there is no substantive risk-benefit analysis that is being applied to the vaccines: “That is one of my other objections, that we talk about these words risk-benefit analysis casually as if it is very deep science. It’s not. Normally at this stage, the CDC would have performed those risk-benefit analyses and they would be database and science-based. They are not right now,” claimed Malone.

“I can say that the risk-benefit ratio for those 18 and below doesn’t justify vaccines and there’s a pretty good chance that it doesn’t justify vaccination in these very young adults,” he remarked.


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