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‘Can someone please explain this?’ CEO shares pic of son playing an instrument in mask with mouth hole

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The founder and CEO of Boxcar questioned the ‘science’ behind a decision to make his son and other members of a school band play their musical wind instruments while wearing a mask with a hole cut in it.

Joe Colangelo posted a photo of his son on Twitter, writing, “My son is playing his band concert outside wearing a medical mask with a hole cut in it. I’m not a scientist, can someone please explain this to me?”

The father of five went on to say that his young son will be “fine” while suggesting he’s more concerned about “the adults” who made the decision.

“At the end of the day my son is going to be fine, he realizes this is a game at this point. The people who are not going to be fine are the ‘adults’ whose brains have broken to the point where they’re making whatever policy led to this,” the CEO of the community transit firm added.

Colangelo went on to push back a bit on users he said were offering up advice — in particular, telling him he should have stormed the stage and retrieved his son.

“Leading consensus so far is that I should have jumped up on stage and ripped the mask off my son’s face,” he wrote. “Folks, I have five kids. It has been a long year. I will not be leading a revolution with two weeks left in school.”

Several users online offered up their own comments.

“I’m a mask and vax supporter. I follow the science to the best of my ability. And Yes. Unfortunately. This is total idiocy. And this is why so many rail against mask mandates. A pandemic is a reason to pull together and do what we can. It’s not a reason to do idiotic things,” one wrote.

“Properly explaining it may cause one to lose their Twitter privileges for an extended period of time,” another user wrote in a post containing a screengrab of an earlier tweet claiming their account was suspended over a pandemic-related claim.

Last month the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lifted its mask-wearing guidance indoors and outdoors for vaccinated Americans, though left-wing media and pundits pushed back, calling it risky.

Also, scientists have known for months that kids are at very low risk of getting infected with COVID-19 or spreading it.

Jon Dougherty


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