Sec of State staffer, with stealth of a Mack truck, caught crawling in background amid ‘Late Night’ show

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The left-leaning late-night talk shows are doing their part to prop up President Joe Biden’s Democratic administration, but things went off track bigly when “Late Night with Seth Meyers” had their go at it.

Meyers was interviewing U.S. Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland, who is billed as the first Native American to hold a Cabinet position, when staffer suddenly appears on screen, crawling on the floor on his hands and knees.

The staffer, who was about as stealthy as a Mack truck in rush hour, suddenly crawls into view in the wide frame shot carrying camera equipment as Haaland regaled about how wonderful it was to be sworn in by “the first women vice president, also a woman of color.”

“I am sorry, secretary. I’m going to interrupt you real quick,” Meyers interrupted her riveting remarks. “You have a staffer who fully crawled on the carpet behind you, and it is the greatest thing I have ever seen.”

The staffer had crawled behind a desk behind the secretary, prompting Meyers to say, “Sir, we know you’re behind the desk.”


“OK, thank you very much,” Meyers added, when the man sheepishly emerged from his hiding place. The funniest part may have been the fact that he proceeded to exit the shot while still on his knees, even though the gig was up.

Given that the staffer appeared to be an older white male, it’s unclear whether this is the required stance they must assume in a Biden administration — we jest!

“Now, secretary, be honest,” Meyers then said. “Do you know who that man is and are those someone else’s glasses he’s wearing?”

After a hearty laugh, Haaland replied, “We don’t have people sort of sneaking around, so, yes, I know who that is.”

She also thanked Meyers for “making light” of the snafu, not that he wasn’t game for salvaging the moment for the Biden official.

“We’ve had giant comedy stars on this show and not one of them has thought to have somebody crawl by in the background,” he responded, lending to the brilliance of the blunder.

The Department of the Interior manages public lands and minerals, national parks, and wildlife refuges, upholds federal trust responsibilities to Indian tribes and Native Alaskans, and is responsible for endangered species conservation and environmental conservation efforts.

Haaland, a member of the Pueblo of Laguna and a 35th generation New Mexican, is “focused on environmental justice, climate change, missing and murdered indigenous women, and family-friendly policies,” according the agency website.

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