Wild viral video shows hero husband leap into action, save wife from angry ‘bobcat’ attack

A viral video shows the moment a hero husband seemingly comes to his wife’s rescue after she was allegedly attacked by a bobcat beside her car and the chaotic mayhem that came afterward as he battled the intruder.

Home security video showed a man who came out to his car to leave and cheerfully said “good morning” to a woman who was jogging down the street. He then remarked, “I need to wash my car,” while he put a drink on the hood of the car and moved to unlock the vehicle.

It looked like he had some kind of dessert that he was juggling while he opened the rear passenger door of the car. His wife appeared in the footage next, walking towards her vehicle with what looked like an animal carrier. She heard a loud yowl and she shouted, “Run! Run!” as the bobcat attacked her.

The man dropped everything to run to his wife, grabbing the bobcat with both hands. He held it away from him to keep it from biting and slashing his face and body. His wife ran back to the house in fear while he grappled with the feline.

Language Warning:

(Video Credit: Sada/Twitter)

The female jogger ran back to see what was going on. The man yelled, “A bobcat!” Then he threw the animal across the yard a few feet away.

The man shouted, “Get out! Get out! Get out!” The jogger ran towards the bobcat and screamed at it “Go! Go!”

The bobcat at that point decided it was indeed time to go and ran off under their cars. The man exclaimed, “I’ll shoot that f*cker!”

“Watch out!” the man shouted at his neighbor. “It’s a bobcat that attacked my wife!”

“A bobcat?” the woman asked. “A bobcat!” he confirmed.

The massively viral video now has over 5 million views, 174,000 likes, and 42,200 retweets on Twitter.

According to KFDI, the bobcat turned out to have rabies which explains its aggressive behavior. There is no word if the couple will have to get rabies shots after the attack.

Bobcats usually avoid people but if they are sick or rabid, they will attack. Experts advise people to back away slowly from the animal. Don’t turn your back on them or run away or the bobcat may pounce.

Hopefully, the man called animal control so they could catch the bobcat and prevent it from attacking anyone else.

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