Critics have questions about Pete Buttigieg’s grand show of bike ride to White House

In support of the Green New Deal agenda, our new Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg took to Twitter recently to espouse his extreme take on the environment.

“You should not have to own a car to prosper in this country, no matter what kind of community you’re living in,” Buttigieg tweeted.

Determined to put his words into action, the former small town mayor made a “dog and pony” show of riding his bicycle to President Joe Biden’s first cabinet meeting on Thursday, unwittingly beclowning himself in the process.

It just so happened that a CNN reporter was hiding in the bushes nearby as Buttigieg mounted his ride, or at least behind a tree, and broadcast this magnanimous action to the work via Twitter.

Adding to the randomness of it all, Buttigieg saw the tweet and responded: “Great way to get around!”

While admirers reveled over the environmentally-friendly gesture, they looked past the convoy of large black government SUVs escorting the transportation secretary who has declared that “roads aren’t just for vehicles — they are for people.”

While details of Buttigieg’s bike ride are not clear, one social media user suggested that the bike was brought to within a short distance of his destination in one of the SUVs.

“Pete Buttigieg’s dog and pony show,” the tweet read. “Use an armored Suburban to bring a bike within a short distance of the destination. Unload it and ride in with a security detail in tow, pretending to save energy.”

Of course, this is not the first time video of Buttigieg riding a bike has surfaced, as seen here when he was reportedly peddling home on a communal bicycle.

Buttigieg is firmly against fossil fuel-driven transportation altogether, faulting it for climate change.

Speaking in support of President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan, he claimed “transportation is the leading contributor to climate change, contributing to a pattern of extreme weather events, which takes a severe toll on our infrastructure.”

By the way, the bill includes $46 billion for the government to buy electric vehicles.

Here’s a quick sampling of the responses to “Sneaky Pete” from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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