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Lara Trump on ex-prez CPAC speech: He absolutely will say ‘I told you so’ about Biden, because he did!

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Lara Trump said Wednesday her father-in-law, former President Donald Trump, will definitely bring up the fact that he warned Americans about then-Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s radical leftist agenda during his Sunday speech at the Conservative Political Action Convention.

“He absolutely will and he did tell you so. A lot of us tried to tell the American people that this would happen if Joe Biden became president of the United States,” Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

The former president is scheduled to be the final keynote speaker on Sunday at the annual CPAC gathering, his first major address since leaving office.

“I think the speed at which so much has happened has really kind of shocked people to be honest,” Lara Trump noted further. “I think for the first time in a long time, Americans found that under President Donald Trump, they had somebody they felt like was actually fighting for them and standing up for them and fighting for America and Joe Biden has made it clear not only through his actions but through what he has said, that it is no longer America first … He said America first is out.”

Trump went on to say it was “absolutely ridiculous” for any president not to put the U.S. first while predicting that the former president will also likely address Biden’s weakening of immigration enforcement, push for amnesty for illegal immigrants, and his administration’s approach to foreign and trade policies.

“I’m sure we’ll hear about China, I’m sure we’ll hear about Iran, the Paris climate deal,” Lara Trump said, noting that the speed at which Biden is dismantling the former president’s policies and agenda has likely shocked many Americans.

“You know, so many things have so quickly turned around and really have been incredibly detrimental to the future of America. So, I’m excited to hear from him this weekend. I think it’s going to be a great speech. I know he’s excited to speak to everybody there at CPAC,” she said.

Hannity responded by chastising Biden for canceling good-paying energy infrastructure projects like the Keystone XL pipeline, putting tens of thousands of Americans out of work just as lax immigration enforcement policies increase illegal immigration and put more pressure on American workers. In addition, Hannity noted that decreasing energy projects will increase American reliance on volatile foreign sources again after the country achieved energy independence under President Trump for the first time in decades.

Lara Trump responded by saying that along with energy independence, the U.S. became a net energy exporter as well, which also created additional jobs and improved national security.

“It meant we weren’t reliant on the Middle East, on Russia for anything,” she said. “We did it all here at home,” she said. “And to see that Joe Biden … with a stroke of a pen, got rid of all the good that Donald Trump did, especially within the energy sector, I think has been incredibly disappointing to people.”

Trump then noted that her ex-president father-in-law also told voters in Pennsylvania during last year’s campaign that Biden would disrupt the fracking and energy sectors there as well.

“‘Scranton Joe’ was not gonna do a good job for the energy workers in his home state of Pennsylvania. And here, day one, he got rid of so many of these jobs,” she continued. “Sadly, I think it’s only the beginning.”

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