Politico claims Cruz Cancun trip renewed ‘age of political scandal’ as Cuomo nursing home story rages

Politico has claimed that Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz’s quick trip to Mexico last week as the state suffered power outages due to unseasonably cold water has revived the “age of political scandal,” even as Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home catastrophe threatens to engulf his administration.

In its latest version of “Politico Playbook,” one segment was delineated in bold, “THE RETURN OF THE WASHINGTON SCANDAL,” which went on to claim that “something refreshingly normal” surrounds what many believe is manufactured outrage over Cruz’s trip.


“A lot of observers wondered if the age of political scandal was dead — if partisans on both sides were so defined by hatred of their rival political tribe that they would let their own leaders get away with just about anything,” the segment read. 

“And then a bearded man appearing to be Cruz was photographed with a roller bag at the United counter at Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport ready to board a plane to Cancun,” it continued. 

(Source: Fox News)

In a tweet, Politico promoted the Playbook segment, writing, “A lot of political observers wondered if the age of political scandal was dead. Ted Cruz proved this week that it isn’t.”

But the left-wing outlet’s claim was immediately ratioed online by users who find far more to be upset about regarding Cuomo’s reported attempt to hide the number of deaths in New York nursing homes following his order last year forbidding eldercare facilities from refusing virus-infected patients, despite widespread knowledge at the time that older people were far more susceptible to contracting and dying from COVID-19.

“You mean Andrew Cuomo’s scandal involving thousands of deaths, a cover-up, and an attempt at intimidation of critics didn’t probe that for you? Good frickin’ grief, @Politico, you should be embarrassed by this,” wrote Ed Morrissey, Hot Air’s senior editor.

Others blasted Politico as well.

“According to Politico, this week’s Andrew Cuomo news cycle isn’t as scandalous as Ted Cruz going to Cancun,” added talk radio host Larry O’Connor.

“You realize that you posted this at the end of week during which Gov. Cuomo was exposed to have purposefully hidden thousands of nursing home deaths that his policies caused and then threatened the well-being of a legislator who dared call him out for it, right?” Chris Field, senior editor at The Blaze, said.

“This is an astonishing tweet given social media companies and liberal networks quite literally worked to suppress a Hunter Biden scandal and took about 8 months to even utter Andrew Cuomo’s scandal. But they went all in on Cruz because he’s a Republican they don’t like,” Seattle-based radio host and Fox News contributor Jason Rantz said.

Last week, the New York Post obtained stunning audio from Melissa DeRosa, Cuomo’s top aide, from a phone call with state Democrats in which she admitted his administration “froze” and hid the actual number of nursing home deaths over fears of a federal investigation.

Her comments came after a report from New York Attorney General Letitia James’ office in which investigators concluded that nursing home COVID deaths in the state were undercounted by at least 50 percent.

As for Cruz, he expressed “regret” for taking family members to Cancun during the power outages last week.

Jon Dougherty


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