Florida freshman Rep proud to be a ‘disrupter’, predicts US will go the way of the Sunshine State

GOP freshman Rep. Byron Donalds says the conservative values he brought to Congress are just what the rest of the country needs, along with more “disruptors” like him.

In an interview with Townhall published on the site Friday, Donalds, who is a Florida transplant, said that he is “always putting the Constitution first” and seeks to “limit government, its size, and its scope.”

He went on to explain a term common with MBA graduates known as “creative disruption,” which he believes is a good thing especially when it comes to politics today.

“I think politics, in general, has been hit with disruptors. And I think it’s for the better. I don’t think it’s for the worse,” he said. “The first real disruptor in politics actually was Barack Obama. He was a disrupter. Going back to 2007, it was not his time to run for president. It was Hillary Clinton’s time, and everybody was just supposed to stand aside and coronate her. So he was a disruptor. [President] Donald Trump was a disruptor.”

Donalds, who managed to dominate a crowded GOP primary in a bid to succeed retiring Rep. Francis Rooney, beat his Democratic challenger in November by nearly 23 points. He has experience in the private sector and served two terms in the Florida House of Representatives, Townhall reported.

The Brooklyn born-and-raised lawmaker went on to praise the way Florida is managed under GOP leadership and Gov. Ron DeSantis, saying that the Sunshine State today is what California once was.

“Florida, right now, we’re what California used to be,” he said, noting that Florida is really becoming a blueprint for other states to emulate. 

“They used to say that, you know, California was the future, [that] the country will go the way of California. Actually, I think the country is going to go the way of Florida now,” he told Townhall. “We’ve had sustained leadership that wants to do one very important thing, and that just leaves people alone and let them organize themselves.

Donalds went on to say he would support term limit legislation for lawmakers as well as efforts to simplify the U.S. tax code, enhance financial technology, and back immigration reforms, among other conservative policies.

Seen as a rising star in an increasingly youthful GOP, Donalds turned heads during a floor speech on the House floor earlier this month as he pushed back against the Biden administration-backed $1.9 trillion COVID stimulus.

In a clip posted online, Donalds contrasted several southern, red states whose economies were largely open and thus had lower unemployment rates with blue states like New York and California that were recently still largely shut down that have higher unemployment rates.

“If you want to stimulate something, actually let the American people get back to work,” Donalds said. “Let them run their businesses and you’ll be surprised what’ll actually happen in our economy.”

He went on to blast the $15 minimum wage increase in the legislation, saying it would make it far more difficult for small businesses to continue operating “in the current environment.”

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