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Liberal media in search of post-Trump ‘boogeyman’ deceptively linking QAnon to GOP

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It’s a safe bet to say many Republicans had to Google “QAnon” to find out just what it stood for after hearing the corrupt liberal media link them to the movement again and again.

As Fox News explained, QAnon is based around a “conspiracy theory centered on the baseless belief that Trump was waging a secret campaign against enemies in the ‘deep state’ and a child sex-trafficking ring run by satanic pedophiles and cannibals.”

Along with describing those who voted for former President Donald Trump as Nazis, racists and bigots, QAnon has proven to be a popular line of attack on the left to discredit and dehumanize conservative Americans — oddly, the guilt by association angle only works in one direction with liberals.

A line of attack that’s embraced by CNN hack Chris Cuomo, who recently accused the GOP of being the party of QAnon.

(Source: CNN)

“I say the new party is the GOP-Q,” the liberal host said last week. “And it shows that they actually embrace diversity because they just created the QAnon wing.”

“They voted overwhelmingly today to become the GOP-Q, adding a wing dedicated to the advancement of QAnon kooks who chose to believe that my Jewish family is shooting lasers at us from space; and that even more are drinking the blood of babies,” Cuomo spewed, this dishonesty passing as enlightened thought at CNN.

The remarks came as the media set its collective sights on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., who once spoke supportively of QAnon — she would back the remarks amid the controversy over her actions in taking office, explaining: “When I started finding misinformation, lies, things that were not true in the QAnon posts, I stopped believing it.”

NewsBusters executive editor Tim Graham suggested it’s “ludicrous” for the left to tag the GOP with the QAnon label while speaking with Fox News.

“The media have lined up with Democrats,” he said, “to share the talking point that the Republicans are the party of QAnon.”

“QAnon folks were Trump backers,” Graham explained. “But to equate that with the Republicans writ large is a bit like saying Democrats are communists because factions of the old Communist Party USA endorsed a strategy of voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016.”

“No one ever would ask the Democrats to explicitly denounce the Communist Party endorsement,” he said. “Because it’s ludicrous anyone would assume Democrats and Communists are the same thing.”

Conservative strategist Chris Barron called QAnon the “new catch-all for anyone who opposes dogmatic leftism.”

Suggesting Cuomo and his liberal pals at CNN are only too happy to tie it to the GOP, Barron told Fox News, “It’s a pure fabrication by a media desperate to continue their 24/7 Trump derangement.”

Tom Elliot, the founder of Grabien Media, spoke with Fox News about a new trend in the media since Trump has left office.

“With Trump gone, the media need a new boogeyman, and the last two weeks of coverage show they’re swapping Trump for his diehard base, whom they accuse of being conspiracy-fueled yokels,” Elliot observed, adding that Greene has been “the obvious point of focus.”

While Elliot acknowledged there are “troubling conspiratorial trends” in America today, he insisted “it’s false and counterproductive to suggest this is a phenomenon unique to the right.”

“What this represents is a much larger problem than QAnon and the Republican Party, as the media wrongly suggest,” he said, adding, “The actual issue is the breakdown in trust between average Americans and institutions like the media itself.”

In order for the media “to fix a problem like QAnon, they must first look at their own role in this mess,” Elliot said.

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