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Nikki Haley accuses Biden of ‘snubbing’ Israel and launching ‘Obama 2.0’ with Iran nuclear deal

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Nikki Haley accused President Joe Biden of “snubbing Israel” and “cozying up to Iran” in an interview with Trey Gowdy on Fox News Wednesday. She called his approach to Tehran “truly dangerous” for neighboring countries and wondered why he has not contacted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu since taking office.

The former U.N. ambassador spoke on  “Fox News Primetime” at length concerning Biden being eager to jump back into the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran. Trump pulled the U.S. out of that deal in 2018 and called it “defective at its core.”

“I mean, you look at the fact that they’re looking at getting back into the Iran deal … that means you’re going to lift all the sanctions that we put on Iran,” Haley stated, appearing truly incredulous at the thought of it.

It “weakened their economy so much that they’ve got the Iranian people demonstrating in the streets against the regime,” Haley said. “That’s what we wanted.”

(Source: Fox News)

Those sanctions purportedly put enough financial pressure on Iran to keep them mostly in check and to slow their spread of terrorism across the globe. Now that they are being lifted, Iran appears once again emboldened and making demands on the United States. Biden seems only too happy to consider and probably comply with them.

Haley contends that Biden is “going to jump back in the Iran deal but not ask them to leave Syria.”

“You’re not going to ask them to stop their nuclear program. You’re not going to ask them to stop their missile program … [or] stop funding terrorism, and you’re going to get back into a deal, and that’s literally Obama 2.0,” she said.

Biden’s reengaging with Tehran is an apparent repeat of Obama’s Iran overtures. His soft approach towards them is also likely to endanger Israel and other Arab countries who threw their support behind Trump’s efforts to reign Tehran in and stop them from further developing nuclear capabilities. It could be a recipe for war should Iran further its nuclear program.

“You’re actually hurting our friends, Israel, and the Arab countries, that worked with us on getting these sanctions back on Iran, that worked with us on trying to hold back terrorism,” Haley pointed out.

“The Biden administration is snubbing our friends like Israel, but they’re cozying up to enemies like Iran.”

Haley brought up Biden’s failure to contact Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the two weeks since he has taken office:

“Biden’s been in office for two weeks now. He has yet to call the Israeli prime minister, one of our closest allies,” she stated. “I don’t understand the logic.”

Former Deputy National Security Advisor K.T. McFarland is also ringing alarm bells and stating that the Biden administration wants to revisit the “good old days” by renegotiating the Iran nuclear deal. She told “America Reports”  that reentering the 2015 agreement will trigger a Middle East nuclear arms race.

“The Iran nuclear deal never stopped Iran’s nuclear program,” McFarland said. “All it did was put it on pause for about a decade and a half. Well, the clock’s been ticking since then.”

The Biden administration’s moves to empower Iran, according to McFarland, could cause terrorism to rapidly increase, strengthen and encourage the Palestinians against Israel, and further push Israel into forming alliances with other Arab nations for their own protection. In other words, it could not only undo all the progress made in the Middle East during Trump’s tenure, it could fracture the process entirely.


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