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Twitter has field day when ‘Courtside Karen’ gets in dust-up with LeBron James, launches epic rant after tossed from game

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There may not have been a whole lot of fans in Atlanta, Ga. Monday night due to the coronavirus, but there were just enough for a woman dubbed “Courtside Karen” to get into a heated verbal exchange with LeBron James. In the face-off between the Lakers and the Atlanta Hawks, hecklers goaded James in the fourth quarter and it got real when security got involved and referees had to stop the game. Twitter loved it and the exchange went viral.

A number of fans in the front row started shouting at James. Two women, in particular, were all over the big guy. They were eventually escorted out of the game for harassing him. The Athletic’s Chris Kirschner reported that one of the women gave James the one-finger salute on the way out. James would later send out a viral tweet referring to the woman as “Courtside Karen,” with laughing emojis thrown in for good measure.

“Courtside Karen was MAD MAD!!” he tweeted.

Undeterred by the heckling, James went on to score 21 points and the Lakers beat the Hawks 107-99. The altercation not only seemed to amuse James… it also energized him.

But, as always, there’s another side to this story and it is not a complimentary one to LeBron James. “Courtside Karen” took to Instagram after the game and went on an epic rant about James getting into it with her husband. She vented away: “Just got kicked out of the game for talking sh*t to LeBron James for talking sh*t to my f*cking husband,” she said. “This is such f*cking bullsh*t.” It is unclear exactly what went down between James and this woman’s husband.

For James’ part, he said he was against anyone being ejected from the game: “Nah, at the end of the day, I’m happy fans are back in the building,” he stated. “I don’t’ feel like it was warranted to be kicked out.” He did comment that alcohol may have been involved in the incident.

“They might have had a couple drinks, maybe,” he said according to ESPN. “And they could have probably kept it going during the game, and the game wouldn’t have been about the game no more, so I think the referees did what they had to do.”

Four fans were ejected over the heckling. “Courtside Karen” is actually Juliana Carlos. Both her husband, Chris Carlos, and Juliana got into it with James at the game. She took her mask off to scream at him as well, which upset a number of people.

She posted a video via Instagram that showed the exchange not long after she was removed from the game.

As with all videos involved in this saga, a LANGUAGE WARNING is warranted:

She was heard shouting at King James, “Shut the f— up. Don’t talk to my husband like that,” on the sidelines. Someone off-camera asked the woman to put her mask on. “Courtside Karen” then wrote “f—ing loser” and posted the sentiment along with the video. Her camera was aimed directly at James.

Carlos posted her side of the drama afterward.

“So, I’m minding my own business, and Chris has been a Hawks fan forever. He’s been watching the games for 10 years. Whatever, he has this issue with LeBron. I don’t have an issue with LeBron. I don’t give a f— about LeBron,” she said in the video.

“Anyway, I’m minding my own business, drinking my [beverage], having fun. All of the sudden, LeBron says something to my husband, and I see this and I stand up. And I go, ‘Don’t f—ing talk to my husband.’ And he looks at me and he goes, ‘Sit the f— down, b*tch.’ And I go, ‘Don’t f—ing call me a b*tch. You sit the f— down. Get the f— out of here. Don’t f—ing talk to my husband like that,'” she continued.

Looks like fans got their money’s worth at the game.


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