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‘You are a disgrace’: Janice Dean goes scorched earth on media she says is STILL covering for Gov. Cuomo

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A 76-page report was released this past week by New York Attorney General Letitia James charging Governor Andrew Cuomo with underreporting COVID deaths in nursing homes by approximately 50 percent. Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean is outing the “Today Show” for actively covering for Cuomo in a brazen and “disgusting” display of media manipulation and censorship.

Dean laid the blame directly on NBC anchor Lester Holt. She accused him of censoring a friend of hers who was set to blame Cuomo live on air for the death of a loved one. Instead, Holt covered for Cuomo and told her to blame New York. That infuriated Dean.

“So @NBCNews @LesterHoltNBC @TODAYshow censored one of my friends who lost a loved one in a nursing home,” Dean said. She lost both of her in-laws to COVID-19 in New York nursing homes after Cuomo mandated that nursing homes admit COVID-19 patients. Dean tweeted on Saturday, “She wanted to say ‘@andrewcuomo failed us’ in the interview and they told her to say ‘New York failed us’ instead. The mainstream is STILL protecting this guy. Disgusting.”

In another tweet, Dean called Holt a “disgrace.”

(Source: Fox Business)

“Shame on you @LesterHoltNBC @NBCNews @TODAYshow,” Dean angrily tweeted. Then she nailed Holt. “New York State did not fail us. The governor, his administration and his health department FAILED US. You are a disgrace to all families. Just like @andrewcuomo.”

There’s plenty of blame to go around, especially for Andrew Cuomo. When he was confronted over the AG’s report, Cuomo callously replied: “Who cares [if they] died in the hospital, died in a nursing home? They died.” Cuomo predictably blamed the federal government and everyone else for what he has allegedly done.

Most of the media simply ignored the story and did not give it air time. When it was mentioned, typically Cuomo was left out of the segment entirely and the report was glossed over.

Cuomo is at the heart of this tragedy because he signed a directive back in March that required nursing homes to admit COVID-19 patients. The results were devastating. But instead of calling Cuomo out over it, most of the media lauded him as some kind of hero. He wrote a book and was awarded an Emmy over his handling of the virus. Now, when the truth surfaces it is being manipulated.

The directive was deleted from the New York State Department of Health website. Many believe it was to protect Cuomo as the deaths in nursing homes skyrocketed and the most vulnerable of us, our elderly, perished by the thousands.

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) came out and bluntly accused Cuomo of organizing a “criminal cover-up.” If this is truly investigated, it would appear that Cuomo is in big trouble and this will be one of the biggest scandals to ever surface. As Dean has pointed out, this won’t be over until Governor Andrew Cuomo is fully exposed for what he has done.


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