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Bill Maher tells leftist rioters to knock it off, says change is made by policy work, not endless unrest

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HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher on Friday slammed the riots in Seattle and Portland and made the statement that “People don’t live in the world of political philosophies and endless intersectional theorizing.” He went on to basically claim that peaceful protesting gets nothing done, only hours of policy work accomplish change.

Using his trademark humor, Maher kicked off the segment by saying, “When you’re rioting against Donald Trump and he loses, stop.” He was referring to the fact that groups such as Antifa rioted the day after Biden was elected president. Allegedly, they claimed to be just as enraged by Biden as they had been by Trump.

Maher covered the violent unrest and riots in both Portland and Seattle but likened some actions to throwing a tantrum.

“I understand the impetus for street fighting at times, and done peacefully, it can move the needle on how the public sees an issue,” he said.  “But while I’m sure it’s fun to cosplay ‘V for Vendetta’ every night, let’s be clear, as a means of actually effecting change, it’s right up there with holding your breath until you get a pony.”

So, while he stands against rioting, Maher also appears to consider protesting to be a waste of time and unproductive. He went on to make his point that meaningful progress is only accomplished by long, grueling hours of patient policy work.

**WARNING: Language**

Maher applauded former Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) as someone who put in the effort and relished policy work. He gave Waxman kudos for doing his job: “Waxman never went on the Sunday talk shows. He didn’t do TV at all.”

Maher also added, “It’s easy to spraypaint ‘F*ck you’ on a federal building. It’s a little harder to work inside and actually make sh*t happen.”

He also said: “People don’t live in the world of political philosophies and endless intersectional theorizing. They live in the world of, is there going to be a hot lunch at school? No lead in the toys. Getting minimum wage.” In other words, people want tangible results, not political fantasies.

Having said his piece on rioting and making it clear he is ecstatic over Biden being in the White House, Maher showed that he was concerned over the “radio silence” from Trump.

“Does that not alarm you a little?” Maher asked. “It’s like in ‘Jaws’ when the shark went out to sea for a little while. I think it will be back.”

In the midst of condemning riots and espousing claims that politicians need to produce results, Maher still fears Trump has something up his sleeve.

“Where is Trump?” he worriedly asked. “It’s like he’s in the ‘Where Are They Now?’ bit. I am so shocked that this guy has been so quiet! Are you not?”

“I just don’t trust that, you know? It’s just so not like him! ‘Radio silence’ is just never a term I associated with Donald Trump,” Maher stated. “He isn’t exactly … ‘fading away gracefully.'”

Maher did point out during the show that the progress Trump made is being undone by President Biden. Whereas patient policy work may be how you get things done in D.C., patient politicking, in general, is how you win the day. And Trump is nothing if not patient these days.


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