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Ice cream flavors, again! … and cats: Biden spox Psaki gives ‘riveting’ Q&A that ‘can’t be real’

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Amidst President Joe Biden’s numerous executive orders that he has signed over the last week nixing thousands of jobs and the fracturing of America, his press secretary Jen Psaki on Sunday decided to address what is really important… Biden’s favorite ice cream flavor and, of course, his cat. Remember how the media scorched President Trump over ice cream? Well, much like Obama, they fawn over Biden’s sweet tooth.

Psaki took to Twitter to answer a list of questions that were posted online. There were the standard policy issue questions related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But more newsworthy was the pressing matter of whether it was true the president kept a giant freezer full of ice cream. They also wanted to know his favorite flavor. Other questions centered on the new cat in the White House.

In her first tweet as the new White House press secretary, Psaki encouraged her followers to ask her questions, which she promised to answer in a video post. Many would have assumed the questions would have been prioritized in political importance but the tweet was predictably a PR move as well, that bordered on the ridiculous.

Psaki wrote on Twitter: “Last week I asked you for your questions and you delivered. Answered a bunch here – and looking forward to doing this again soon. SPOILER: Revealing
@POTUS’ favorite ice cream.” The tweet has 2.6 million views and counting.

Psaki addressed users’ questions concerning transparency in the White House, COVID-19 relief for those who can’t work, student loan deferrals, and President Biden’s plans for recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

The final question Psaki shared on her video was from a user who wrote: “President Biden is a big ice cream fan, so: does that giant freezer full of cream really exist?”

Psaki, who previously worked in the Obama administration, could not verify that the freezer exists. But she did make a point of announcing Biden’s favorite flavor of ice cream. It has long been known that Biden has a thing for ice cream.

“When I was in Wilmington before the president was inaugurated, I did ask him for my four-year-old niece Suraya – who was very curious about what his favorite ice cream was – and his favorite ice cream was chocolate chip,” Psaki. “So that is my update for all of you on that. But I have not found the freezer.”

Biden’s fondness for ice cream has drawn attention for many years. Running for the White House last October, his campaign hosted “Ice Cream for Joe,” a virtual small business event “to highlight issues specific to business leaders and entrepreneurs in America, from leaders of well-known national brands to a focus on small business owners and retailers from battleground states.”

Featured were Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Jerry Greenfield, Ice Cream Jubilee CEO Victoria Lai, Salt and Straw founder Kim Malek, and Frio Mexican Treats owner Hugo Ramirez.

Psaki was asked about the First Feline update. She said she’s very interested in the cat as well since it will ‘dominate the Internet’ whenever there is an update, but did not have any news yet. Cat enthusiasts will just have to wait for future Biden cat adventures evidently.


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