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Texas fights Biden’s ‘unlawful’ halting of deportations, calls it ‘attempt to grant blanket amnesty’

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In a letter to Acting Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security David Pekoske, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton denounced the Biden administration’s “unlaw­ful” pause on the deportation of illegal immigrants with final orders of removal, threatening to sue the federal government.

“Yesterday you ordered a blanket halt on nearly all deportations of illegal aliens. This complete abdication of the Department of Homeland Security’s (“DHS”) obligation to enforce federal immigration law is unlawful and will seriously and irreparably harm the State of Texas and its citizens,” Paxton wrote.


The attorney general announced his actions on social media, accusing the incoming Democratic administration of breaking the law.

“When the [Biden administration] breaks the law, I take action. I have told [DHS] to immediately rescind its illegal, unconscionable deportation freeze — or TX will sue,” Paxton tweeted.


While President Joe Biden vowed to act on behalf of the American people, on day one he put the interests of illegal immigrants ahead of the interests of U.S. citizens in the stack of executive orders piled up on his desk that he was told to sign.

Signing six immigration-related executive orders, Biden put a halt to the construction of the southern border wall and preserved protections for illegal aliens in the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. The president has also proposed sweeping legislation to provide a pathway to citizenship for the 12-20 million illegal immigrants currently in the U.S, as well.

On the very same day, Pekoske would issue a memo ordering a 100-day moratorium on deporting illegal immigrants who have been given final orders of removal, as DHS reviews its current policies and practices —  and proposes recommendations more in line with the incoming administration’s radical left views.

“Should such a directive be legal or left unchallenged, DHS could attempt to renew that directive indefinitely or issue a similar directive for an even longer period of time,” Paxton added. “That would allow the Biden Administration to grant blanket amnesty to the vast majority of the illegal aliens in this country with the stroke of a pen and without congressional approval.”

Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott responded to also call Biden’s efforts an “attempt to grant blanket amnesty.”

“President Biden is trying to halt deportations of illegal aliens who already have a final order of removal from the U.S.” Abbott tweeted. “This abandons the obligation to enforce federal immigration laws. Texas is fighting this attempt to grant blanket amnesty.”

So much for America first in a Biden administration… here’s a sampling of responses to the story from Twitter, to include more than one on Texas seceding:

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