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‘Unity’ goes out the window when McConnell agrees to church with Biden, ‘power share’ with Schumer

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The whole unity thing seems to be in motion, maybe.

CNN reported early Tuesday that Democratic President-elect Joe Biden invited Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to attend church with him ahead of Wednesday’s inauguration – and McConnell accepted.

And, of course, anti-Trump CNN couldn’t let that go without a shot at the outgoing incumbent.

“It appears the deprogramming may be underway,” anchor Alisyn Camerota said smugly.

Perhaps the deprogramming needs to happen for those, like some CNN anchors, afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome, because the news should not have been all that surprising.

Biden, who ran on a platform of “healing” and “unity,” pledged to make such overtures, even though he has unveiled nothing that indicates he plans on working with Republicans once he’s in office.

Moreover, he and McConnell served together in the Senate between 1985, when McConnell first entered, and 2009, when Biden became vice president.

The Washington Examiner reported that Biden and McConnell will be joined by the top two congressional Democrats – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer – and Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

The group will attend St. Matthew’s in downtown Washington.

But other liberals were not as welcoming or accommodating as the man they elected, which may signal how he will be allowed to govern as president, and that Democrats are just as culpable for the rancor that was allegedly all President Donald Trump’s fault.

The Daily Beast noted that the bipartisan church service comes “after four years of chaos, division, and fury,” and that Biden will attend with McConnell, “who was, right up until the Capitol riot, one of President Donald Trump’s chief enablers.”

Twitter user Anthony Raia tweeted, ” McConnell is going to burst into flames walking into church with Biden tomorrow and they’ll blame it on ANTIFA.”

Others maintained the theme:

So much unity; so much healing.

Meanwhile, liberals are fuming at Senator Schumer for daring to work out power-sharing details with McConnell.

The Senate is split 50-50, and barring defections, Democrats will get their way because Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will be the tie-breaking vote.

Still, CNN reported Tuesday that while Democrats will set the schedule and run the committees, McConnell and Schumer are seeking a compromise to run the Senate under rules adopted in 2001, the last time each party held half the seats.

Schumer’s side was not pleased.



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