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New Squad member Cori Bush leaves jaws on the floor with unimaginably off tweet

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Rep. Cori Bush, a Black Lives Matter activist turned member of Congress as of earlier this month, was a welcomed addition to the Squad, the small but influential group of Democratic radicals in Congress led by Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.

And in keeping with the ultra-progressive thinking of the Squad – especially on the criminal justice system – the Missouri Democrat looked at the Trump administration’s recent execution of convicted murderers and opted to side with … the killers.

Early Saturday in Indiana, the government put to death Dustin Higgs, the last of a baker’s dozen, to see their sentences fulfilled under President Donald Trump. News reports noted the federal government put more Death Row inmates to death under Trump than it had in the previous 56 years.

On Saturday night, Bush – an advocate of defunding the police and abolishing the death penalty – tweeted: “The 13 people murdered by Trump’s death row killing spree: Daniel Lee, Wesley Purkey, Dustin Honken, Lezmond Mitchell, Keith Nelson, William LeCroy Jr., Christopher Vialva, Orlando Hall, Brandon Bernard, Alfred Bourgeois, Lisa Montgomery, Corey Johnson, Dustin Higgs. Say their names.”

“Say their names” is the slogan popularized by activists, such as Bush, who seek to recall people, especially Black Americans, who they believe were wrongfully killed by police.

In this case, however, critics called on Bush to say the names of the victims killed by the Death Row inmates she was defending.

Conservative columnist Jeff Jacoby tweeted to Bush in reply: “Not one was murdered. Each was convicted unanimously of 1st-degree murder & sentenced to death by a jury. Each had extensive due process of law, including years of legal appeals. The names you should say are those of their victims. Do you know — or care — who those victims were?”

Jerry Dunleavy, a reporter for the Washington Examiner, also wrote on Twitter, “How about we say the names of their victims too? For instance, Daniel Lee was a white supremacist who murdered William & Nancy Mueller & her 8-year-old daughter, Sarah Powell, by shooting them w/ a stun gun, duct-taping plastic bags around their heads, & drowning them in a bayou.”

Twitter user Hawkus Aurelius did just that, replying to Bush with a tweet containing the names of 20 of the victims of some of the inmates who were put to death.

Twitter user, Shawnon, summed up the problem many of Bush’s critics had with her take on the government carrying out the final part of these inmates’ sentences:

“Be anti death penalty all you like,” she tweeted. “Do so without trying to elevate horrible people to martyr status.”


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