Devastating thread exposes media’s rank bias in covering DeSantis vs. Cuomo pandemic responses

If the 2020 presidential election didn’t convince folks the corrupt media threw in the towel on feigning impartiality, trading the last vestiges of credibility it may have had to ensure that President Donald Trump would be defeated, it’s hard to imagine what it would take.

But a look at how the media treats Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis compared to New York’s Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo in regard to the pandemic may do the trick.


A few facts are that Florida has 2 million more people than New York, and its elderly population makes up a much larger percentage of its population. New York has seen over 38,000 deaths — more than 25,000 in New York City alone — compared to just over 21,500 deaths in the Sunshine State.

Yet DeSantis, who recently vowed to “never” lockdown Florida again, is consistently criticized by the same media that lauds Cuomo’s handing of COVID-19. Drew Holden, a freelance commentary writer posted an extensive thread on the matter that should leave an honest journalist with their head hung in shame, as he dubbed DeSantis “2020 man of the year.”

What’s really at stake is that with DeSantis up for reelection in 2022, and the media understanding how pivotal Democrat control of Florida can be in national elections, they are hitting the Republican governor with the same strategy employed to defeat President Donald Trump.

That and the fact that DeSantis not only supported Trump, but he also mimics the president’s behavior in taking the media to task for its deceptive reporting.

The state media has been hitting DeSantis for some time, but the national media has also been engaged. Holden shared some side-by-side comparisons from MSNBC and CNN, drawing attention to coronavirus deaths per 100k in each state, suggesting that DeSantis “seems to be doing something right in that regard.”

CNN’s actions are so egregious, he shared additional takes — Cuomo’s brother, Chris Cuomo, is an anchor at the network — noting that the entire thread could have been centered on the cable network.

But rest assured, the abject bias was not limited to these two networks.

Pausing from the comparisons, Holden pressed the point that “by the most critical metric, deaths per capita, DeSantis has outperformed Cuomo enormously. Cuomo’s led one of the most disastrous crisis responses in US history. If NY were a country it’d have the highest death per capita IN THE WORLD.”

Yet, as seen above, DeSantis gets fact-checked while Cuomo gets an Emmy.

We hear the term “systemic” thrown around a lot in the media, but Holden returns to a presentation that shows just how widespread the bias is — once established, it truly is remarkable to see the entirety of the media pick up on a narrative.

Not lost on readers should be the fact that this is the very phenomenon that Trump was up against in the 2020 election — honestly speaking, is there a single American who truly believes 78-year-old Joe Biden defeated Trump on his own?

As previously stated, widespread would be a generous assessment.

After noting that even the media across the pond is involved, Holden spoke of the consequences of such unfair journalism.

He also shared some links on how poorly Cuomo has handled the pandemic — at one point, the Democrat required nursing homes to take in COVID-19 patients, and while he eventually reversed the call as thousands of elderly residents died, the media has pretty much ignored the disastrous decision.

Concluding with a look at what to hope for in post-Trump America, Holden tweeted: “Media accountability is high up on that list. If we can’t all get a fair set of facts to work with, we can’t hope for a healthy body politic.”


Tom Tillison


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