Pelosi’s speakership ‘very much in peril,’ Stefanik says; several Dems appear poised to abandon her

New York Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik said Monday she believes that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s reelection is “in peril” as several Democrats have vowed not to support her reelection.

In an appearance on“Fox & Friends,” Stefanik referenced the slim Democrat majority in the House following the November elections and noted that Pelosi, who has grown increasingly unpopular especially among the party’s far-left, can only afford to lose a handful of members.

To kick off the segment, co-host Rachel Campos Duffy noted that the long-serving California Democrat lost 15 members when she won the speakership in 2018. She also noted that the party’s far-left wing, including Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Rep.-elect Cory Bush (D-Mo.), want younger leadership, and that if any Democrats fell ill from COVID-19, that, too, could potentially hand the Speakership to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.).

“I have thought for weeks that Nancy Pelosi’s Speakership is in peril,” the New York Republican began, “and there’s a few reasons why.

“Number one, her majority is so slim…she can only lose three to four votes of that Speakership. That means there are a number of members who voted against her last time that are going to have to vote for her,” Stefanik explained.

“In addition, it’s not just the socialist far-left progressives like AOC, [Rep.-elect] Jamal Bowman [D-N.Y.] and others who are withholding their votes, it’s also some of the middle-of-the-road Democrats…who promised their constituents they would never vote for Nancy Pelosi,” Stefanik continued.

That said, the veteran GOP lawmaker says she understands that many Democrats will go ahead and vote for Pelosi so as not to hand the Speakership to Republicans.

Regarding whether Pelosi can get to the 218-vote threshold needed to recapture the Speaker’s gavel, Stefanik was blunt: “I don’t think she has the juice to get it done.”

“I believe that her Speakership is in peril and those members if they withhold their votes, there will be a new generation of leadership on the Democratic side,” the New York Republican said.

She went on to further substantiate her belief that Pelosi is in danger of losing her job as House leader because the “mainstream media” isn’t reporting that several in her own party are balking at supporting her.

That “makes me think that’s how perilous her speakership is because [the media] never want to acknowledge weakness when it comes to Nancy Pelosi,” said Stefanik. “They love writing these very biased headlines about how she’s a master legislator, which she’s not, the American people know that.

“But I think her Speakership is very much in peril versus Kevin McCarthy has a unified support from the Republican conference, and we are excited to vote for Kevin McCarthy as Speaker,” Stefanik added.

Earlier in the segment, the New York Republican offered tentative support for a coronavirus relief measure that would send most Americans $2,000 checks, saying she would first have to see what was actually in the bill to ensure that Pelosi and Democrats have not loaded it up with unrelated measures important to their party.

Jon Dougherty


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