Thousands join ‘Fight for Trump’ rally … IN CHINA!

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While it’s not unusual for thousands of President Trump’s supporters to gather in “Stop the Steal” rallies since the election, one recent event was noteworthy for its surprising location.

Trump’s critics may try to portray him as unpopular at home and abroad but the truth is, he is actually respected and liked in many parts of the world. And with his strong stand in favor of freedom and against governments like that in China, the president has sparked an outpouring of support in Taiwan where thousands recently joined a rally to “Fight for Trump.”

With Trump still battling the November election results and his supporters across the U.S. agreeing with him, a rally was held last weekend in Taipei, Taiwan. Carrying signs that echoed phrases from the U.S., demonstrators also displayed “Taiwan, Fight for Trump” signs and more.

Estimates by event organizers in Taiwan put the rally crowd size at about 8,000 people who marched several blocks amid music and and chanting, according to Taipei Times.

“Without US protection, Taiwan would not have its freedom, and instead we would be slaves ruled by communist China,” pro-Taiwan independence campaigner Rishen Wu said at the march. “Trump is the best US president for Taiwan, signing laws to have officials visit and sell US weapons for us to fend off a Chinese military attack.”

An American named Jerry, who was also on hand for the rally, was touched by the outpouring of support the U.S. president was receiving.

“Trump knows what it takes to counter China’s military adventurism. He has done the most for Taiwan, safeguarding its freedom and democracy… For Biden, I am not so sure if he will defend Taiwan so strongly like Trump has done in recent years,” he told the Taipei Times.

A student surnamed Hu told Taiwan News that Trump has been a “force for peace” and a Canadian named Joanne said the American president is “the only leader in the free world that has done anything for Taiwan — that has taken it seriously.”

She did not have a high regard for Democrat Joe Biden, whom she characterized as a “puppet,” also contending that his son Hunter has been “bought off.”

U.S. arms sales to Taiwan, as well as visits by top U.S. officials to Taipei on two occasions, have increased tensions with China, which was already angered when Trump accepted a call of congratulations from Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen shortly after he won the 2016 election.

Trump’s strong stand on China and his support of the freedom-loving people of Taiwan have made him a popular figure in the country known officially as the Republic of China.

Videos posted from the rally showed the people in Taipei marching with pro-Trump signs and chanting “fight for Trump” while also condemning the Communist Party of China.

Frieda Powers


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