SEE IT: Crowd at Army-Navy game erupts with love as Trump walks onto field

The military-only crowd attending the annual Army-Navy football game on Saturday erupted in cheers as well as chants of “USA! USA!” when President and Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump stepped onto the field.

The cheers began as the president was introduced, and he responded by waving back at the masked Cadets and Midshipmen in attendance.

Shortly after being introduced, the 74-year-old president who has a reputation of being indefatigable, jogged a short distance amid the roars as he entered the field to perform the coin toss to see which team would get the ball first.

Prior to his Marine One flight to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, the first time the game has been played on Army turf since 1943, the president buzzed crowds gathered in Washington, D.C., attending the “March For Trump/Jericho March,” to show their support for Trump despite the election results.

Thousands of supporters sang the National Anthem as the president’s helicopter passed overhead, videos posted online revealed.

The only attendees at Saturday’s game, which Army won 15-0, were Cadets and Midshipmen at the 38,000-seat Michie Stadium. The only other time the game has been played at West Point was in 1890, the first game of the rivalry.

Otherwise, the game has been played mostly in Philadelphia for 89 of its 120-year history. City officials passed this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however.

While activities at both academies have been altered and even limited in some form due to the virus, their mission has continued nonetheless, CBS Sports noted.

As Army Chief of Staff Gen. James McConville said early in the pandemic: “We can’t telecommute to combat.”

The win improves Army’s record this year to 8-2; Navy fell to 3-7. For the fifth season in a row, the Army Black Knights are ranked in the top three nationally in rushing.

Navy won the game last year.

Jon Dougherty


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