‘Insurrection’? Arizona GOP sparks uproar when it asks if supporters are willing to die over election fraud fight

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The Arizona Republican Party late Monday asked its supporters if they were willing to give up their lives to fight over the disputed results of the Nov. 3 presidential election, which the Trump campaign says were subjected to mass fraud.

The Arizona GOP retweeted conservative activist Ali Alexander, who wrote, “I am willing to give my life for this fight.”

“He is. Are you?” the party wrote in its retweet.

The party’s post comes amid a call by some two dozen Republican members of the Arizona legislature, including members-elect, to decertify the election results for President Trump’s Democratic rival Joe Biden.

Twenty-eight members released a joint statement before a Monday press conference after GOP Gov. Doug Ducey and Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs certified the state’s general election results last week. The statement also followed the GOP-led state legislature’s announcement it was going to shut down for a week after President Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, tested positive for the coronavirus.

In the statement, Arizona House Majority Leader Warren Petersen cited “irregularities and allegations of fraud” in the decertification call while also demanding a forensic audit of voting machines.

“The election should not have been certified with the number of irregularities and allegations of fraud,” Petersen said in the release. “Especially troubling to me are the allegations surrounding the vendor Dominion.

“It is imperative that a forensic audit occur immediately of the equipment and software. Upon any showing of fraud the legislature should immediately convene to decertify the vote,” Peterson added.

Meanwhile, state Rep. Walter Blackman said the outcome of the election “is far from certain.”

“In the past week seemingly conclusive evidence has come to light through successful litigation that the outcome of the 2020 election is far from certain, and at the very least, further investigation is necessary to ensure the integrity of Arizona’s election results,” Blackman said, according to the group statement.

“It is imperative that Secretary of State Hobbs rescind her certification of the election until these matters have made their way through the court and voter confidence is restored.”

And Rep.-elect Jake Hoffman said the moves must be made in order to return integrity to the election process.

“Ensuring the integrity of Arizona’s 2020 election isn’t just a matter of sound public policy, it is a civil rights imperative,” he said. “There are few elements of our society more foundational than the right to free and fair elections and when that right is called into question it is our responsibility as leaders to ensure that confidence in the electoral process is restored.

“To this end, Arizona must decertify the 2020 election so that the numerous election irregularities may be properly adjudicated and the people of our great state may once again have faith in their right to vote,” he added.

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The Trump campaign’s legal team has argued before several legislative panels in swing states that all went for Biden over the past few weeks, presenting hundreds of sworn affidavits and witnesses who testified they saw instances of voting irregularities and outright fraud.

Most legislative panels have been receptive to the presentations and most have been attended primarily by Republicans. But it’s not clear if any GOP-controlled state legislature is prepared to decertify any election results.

To that end, Texas filed suit against several battleground states on Monday at the U.S. Supreme Court, arguing changes to voting rules and procedures made by executive branch officers and state courts were unconstitutional, thereby invalidating their election results.

All of the states being sued allegedly went for Biden.

Needleless to say, the fiery tweet from Arizona Republicans caused a major social media uproar:

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