‘Hell of a great start’: Potential Biden spox Jen Psaki dismantled for response to communist hat ridicule

Early indications suggest a potential Joe Biden administration will be a re-do of the Obama administration, with a number of Obama-era retreads being tapped, should the Democratic nominee find his way to the White House.

One of those names, Jen Psaki, who was named Biden’s White House press secretary, wasted no time drawing ridicule after a remark about Russian puppets that came in response to a photo surfaced of her wearing a hat bearing the communist hammer-and-sickle logo.


The photo featured her former boss, then-Secretary of State John Kerry, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova, along with Psaki.

The hat Psaki is wearing is a pink shapka gifted to her by Zakharova, who was her Russian counterpart at the time.

The Russian government was only too happy to share a photo of the then-Obama State Department spokeswoman rocking the hat from its official Twitter account.

It goes without saying the photo drew lots of criticism — the fact that it was relatively unknown, having been taken in 2014, is a real testament to how thoroughly biased the media is.

(Speaking of, the infamous USA Today factcheckers responded to the sharing of the photo by rating it as “missing context.”)

Psaki responded in a tweet to essentially dismiss the clatter as “Russian propaganda.”

“For anyone who hasn’t been the target of Russian propaganda (cc: @McFaul @HillaryClinton) the purpose is to discredit powerful messengers and to spread misinformation to confuse the public,” she tweeted. “Anyone who repeats it is (unwitting or not) simply a puppet of the propaganda machine.”

Talk radio host Larry O’Connor was among those who clapped back at Psaki, offering a spot on summary of what she was actually saying.

“‘If you criticize me you’re Putin’s puppet’ is a hell of a great start for Biden’s spox,” he tweeted.

O’Connor was far from alone though, as responses rolled in. If there was a common theme among them, it would be that Psakie “wore the hat.”

Here’s a sampling of responses to the story from Twitter:

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