NYC Mayor de Blasio punishes Jewish synagogue for forced secret wedding, threatens additional action

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is going after the Orthodox Jewish community again, this time over a wedding that reportedly drew thousands.

Comrade de Blasio took exception to the event amid the pandemic, saying there was “a conscious effort to conceal” the event, but it was lost on the Democrat that Jews in his city must resort to secrecy to hold such religion-based ceremonies.


The organizers of the Hasidic Jewish wedding were hit with a $15,000 fine and the mayor threatened the possibility of “additional consequences quite soon.”

“We know there was a wedding,” de Blasio told local news station NY1. “We know it was too big — I don’t have an exact figure, but whatever it was, it was too big. There appeared to be a real effort to conceal it, which is absolutely unacceptable.”

“This was amazingly irresponsible, just unacceptable,” he added. “So there’s going to be consequences right away for the people who let that happen.”

The wedding was for a chief rabbi’s grandson, according to the New York Post, which shared a video of the large crowd at a facility that reportedly had a capacity of 7,000.

“Despite a surge in COVID-19 cases, guests crammed shoulder to shoulder inside the Yetev Lev temple in Williamsburg for the Nov. 8 nuptials — stomping, dancing and singing at the top of their lungs without a mask in sight,” the Post reported.

The wedding of Yoel Teitelbaum, grandson of Satmar Grand Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum, was hidden from “the ravenous press and government officials,” a Yiddish newspaper said in reporting on the wedding.

“Due to the ongoing situation with government restrictions, preparations were made secretly and discreetly, so as not to draw attention from strangers,” Der Blatt noted.

While there were plenty of online reactions complaining that the $15,000 fine was too small and that de Blasio wasn’t being hard enough, there was also a faction that saw the incident as representative of something much larger.

Here’s a sampling of results to the story from Twitter:

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