Trump campaign adviser calls Frank Luntz a ‘coward’ for declining a ‘man-to-man’ debate

President Trump’s campaign adviser Steve Cortes called out pollster Frank Luntz after he “cowardly” refused to take up his debate challenge.

The former Trump Hispanic advisory council president appeared to have had enough of the social media attacks from Luntz and struck back with an invitation to a “man-to-man debate.” Cortes followed up by noting how the Republican pollster “unsurprisingly” backed out.

Luntz, who famously predicted that his profession would be “done” if Trump defied 2020 election polling, repeatedly mocked Cortes on Twitter where he has criticized the Trump campaign’s efforts to challenge election results in several key states due to alleged voter fraud.

Declaring that the election “is over” in several recent posts, the pollster quote-tweeted Cortes and others in his attacks, accusing the campaign adviser at one point of “terrible senior advising for strategy.”

Cortes finally called Luntz out over the weekend, telling him that “instead of tweeting at me all the time, I have a better idea: an in-person, man-to-man debate, streamed live.”

“You name the time and place, I’ll be there. You can correct me and illuminate the voters,” he added in response to another one of Luntz’ sarcastic tweets. “Deal?”

“We can do it much quicker right here: Trump didn’t win,” the 58-year-old pundit responded. “I yield my time.”

Cortes did not let the reply go unchallenged, slamming Luntz and his “pollster/consultant class” in a scathing rebuttal.

“Unsurprisingly, @FrankLuntz cowardly declines my sincere debate offer,” he wrote.

“I’m the ‘man in the arena’ fighting for a cause while he hurls insults from the political skybox,” he added. “His pollster/consultant class represents everything working people hate about politics…”

“Frank ingratiates himself with any Swamp power brokers, takes all sides of any issue, and personifies the ossified permanent political class…,” Cortes continued.

He added that “our America First movement challenges this crony cabal of Beltway bloviators and administrative state apparatchiks, and so they’ve resorted to myriad schemes to overthrow Trump: the Russia hoax, a sham impeachment, and, now, corrupting the 2020 election.”

Cortes concluded with a stinging take on the pollster’s “fixation” with him, calling it “creepy and weird” while telling him to “shut the hell up” if he won’t man up to a real debate.

“But we fight on — as happy warriors on a patriotic mission,” Cortes wrote. “Frank, if you’re unwilling to debate man-to-man, then shut the hell up and stop tweeting at me constantly. Your fixation with me is creepy and weird.”

Luntz has so far not replied, but plenty of Twitter users were happy to seem him called out.

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