‘She has the trifecta’: Lara Trump reportedly has her eye on a future Senate seat

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North Carolina native Lara Trump, the wife of President Donald Trump’s middle son, Eric, may be en route to the North Carolina Senate, according to reports.

A stunningly biased, propagandistic report published in The New York Times on Thursday, claimed via anonymous sources — as usual — that Lara is mulling running for a seat on the North Carolina Senate in two years.

The report began describing Lara as “a defender of President Trump’s basest political instincts.”

Describing the president’s instincts as “base” isn’t journalism.

As Mr. Trump attempts to subvert the election to remain in power, Ms. Trump, three allies said, has been telling associates she is considering a run for Senate in 2022, in what is expected to be a competitive race for the first open Senate seat in a very swingy swing state in a generation,” the biased report continued.

Accusing the president of attempting to “subvert” the 2020 presidential election also isn’t journalism. The verb “subvert” suggests something nefarious, yet the president’s legal challenges have all been exactly that– legal.

The report continued by suggesting that Lara may seek the seat of Sen. Richard Burr, who’s expected to step down once his seat expires at the end of the year.

In a statement to the Times, former White House Director of Strategic Communications and current Trump 2020 campaign adviser and surrogate, Mercedes Schlapp, said that Lara is a “household name” in North Carolina.

“She’s very charismatic, she understands retail politics well, and has a natural instinct for politics. In North Carolina, in particular, she’s a household name and people know her. She worked really hard on the campaign and was very involved in a lot of decisions throughout,” Schlapp said.


Former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway added in her own statement to the Times that Lara would be a “formidable” opponent.

“She has the trifecta: She can raise money, raise awareness of key issues and raise attention to her race. Unlike many typical politicians, she connects with people and is a compelling messenger,” Conway reportedly said.

Morgan Jackson, a Democrat strategist based out of North Carolina, disagrees.

“There are a lot of people ahead of Lara Trump in line. Given how rare it is that there’s an open seat, I don’t believe any of the folks who actually live in North Carolina and have been here will get out of the way for someone else,” he told the Times.

According to Politico, Lara declaring her candidacy for Burr’s seat would likely “upend what is already likely to be a crowded GOP primary.”

Other possible high-profile Republicans who are also expected to seek the seat include White House chief of Staff Mark Meadows, North Carolina Speaker Tim Moore, North Carolina Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, and former North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory.

However, the primary won’t be for another two years. In the meantime, the task of temporarily filling Burr’s seat will reportedly lie with Gov. Roy Cooper.

But there’s a catch …

In 2018, the state’s GOP-led General Assembly passed a law mandating that the governor choose a replacement for an outgoing senator from “a list of three persons recommended by the State’s executive committee of the political party with which the vacating member was affiliated when elected.”

Dovetailing back to the 2022 election, the Times suggested North Carolina is “trending blue.”

“Despite expanded turnout in rural areas, Mr. Trump won North Carolina by a smaller margin than he did four years ago, just 1.3 percentage points, a sign that overall the state is trending blue,” the left-wing outlet claimed.

Yet the outlet purposefully neglected to mention Sen. Thom Tillis’s results. In the 2014 race he won with 49 percent to challenger Kay Hagan’s 47.3 percent, whereas in 2020 he won 48.7 percent to challenger Cal Cunningham’s 46.9 percent.

This means he won reelection this year by a higher .1 percentage point margin, a sign perhaps that overall the state is trending red …

Plus, out of all House races in North Carolina, only three Democrats won.

For the time being, Lara Trump can be seen on Twitter amplifying her father-in-law’s claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him:

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