Laura Ingraham proposes GOP-AOC alliance to oppose Joe Biden’s ‘globalist cabal’

Top-rated Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Wednesday proposed an alliance between Democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and President Trump-aligned Republicans, to oppose the “globalist cabal” Democratic nominee Joe Biden is assembling.

Ingraham opened her show noting that she warned conservatives not to take Ocasio-Cortez lightly after she managed to defeat a long-serving establishment Democrat, Joe Crowley, in 2018.

She went on to note that while her chosen candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), did not win the Democratic nomination or the presidency, she has been successful in pushing the party to the left, including Biden.

“She’s presented herself as a strong voice for working-class Americans and a strong critic of multinational corporations,” Ingraham said, going on to play clips of the New York congresswoman talking up those workers.

In one clip, Ocasio-Cortez said her party “is supposed to be the champion of the working class.”

That prompted Ingraham to respond: “I agree. But with Joe Biden waiting in the wings poised to announce major changes to U.S. trade and foreign policy, AOC faces some difficult choices.”

“How can she, who has always claimed to be a crusader for the working class… support the policies favored by big corporate interests? Wall Street? The billionaires of Silicon Valley?” Ingraham asked.

After playing another clip of Ocasio-Cortez blasting those policies, Ingraham reminded viewers that in three years’ time, pre-pandemic, President Donald Trump’s economy produced rising wages for workers at all levels, as well as near-historic unemployment.

“Average median household income rose $6,000 after decades of wage stagnation,” the host said, noting that Trump’s support grew among working-class Americans of all ethnic groups because of policies that put them and American manufacturing ahead of other countries like China.

Those gains, however, are set to be eliminated under Biden’s “globalist cabal,” said Ingraham.

“This raises the question: Will AOC and ‘The Squad’ stand mute while American workers are crushed under this agenda, or will they work with American populists to resist the anti-worker policies?” she asked.

Ingraham then suggested there were a number of economic and trade policies Ocasio-Cortez and Republicans could work on together that would protect American workers’ wages and jobs.

They included opposing re-joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which Trump withdrew from; enforcing the USMCA, the replacement to NAFTA that the Trump administration negotiated; continue weakening the World Trade Organization; work to install a populist, not a “corporatist,” as the next U.S. Trade Representative; and de-linking from China, “both economically and politically,” Ingraham said.

She also said the New York lawmaker and Republicans could work together to bring U.S. troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan after nearly 20 years of being in those countries.

While acknowledging that many on the right may think an AOC-GOP alliance is a “pipe dream,” Ingraham noted that Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) teamed up in the past to oppose U.S. companies and the NBA deferring to China.

That said, Ingraham noted that the political establishment is powerful and has the ability to make lawmakers who go along with their globalist agenda, famous and wealthy.

“So if she goes along on the China and trade issue and helps the tech bros get richer, she’ll have a one-way ticket with the in-crowd. And if she leaves politics, they’ll make her an instant multimillionaire,” Ingraham said.

“But if she stands up to the establishment on China and if she fights against the TPP, if she tries to end foolish wars, well, then she’ll get very different treatment,” she added.

‘Well, the choice is hers, and she’ll have to make it soon. By working with the populists, she could really help working people. And for many folks, that’s even better than being on the cover of Vogue or Vanity Fair.”

Jon Dougherty


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