‘Hush child’: Ted Cruz, Chris Cuomo continue war of words on Twitter, and heat is turned up to full blast

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CNN host Chris Cuomo attacked U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz as a “COVIDiot” following an ill-advised decision to wage a war of words with him on Twitter.

The CNN host blasted the Texas Republican during “Cuomo Prime Time” on Tuesday over an incident on the Senate floor just hours after he was shredded by Cruz in a social media battle over President Trump’s ongoing legal battle on the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Blasting Cruz for his “unique brand of jackassery” during his CNN show Tuesday, Cruz ranted about a tweet from the senator calling out his colleague, Senator Sherrod Brown for virtue-signaling with his mask. The Ohio Democrat had scolded Sen. Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska, for not wearing a mask on the Senate floor Monday.

Cruz slammed the Democrat on Twitter for being “a complete ass” and only wearing his face mask while he spoke to signal “fake virtue.” Cuomo read the tweet on the air before going off on the Harvard-educated lawmaker.

“You are a COVIDiot, Senator Cruz. I know you went to Harvard, I know you’re really smart. You just try really hard not to act that way too often, especially where Trump is involved,” Cuomo declared.

“You would think Cruz would have a lot more sense about how bad this virus is. You see what is happening in his state of Texas? Just became the first to surpass a million cases. He doesn’t say that often. Not to mention the hunger pandemic that is there- thousands waiting in food lines in north Texas this weekend, cars as far as you can see filled with Americans in need when they shouldn’t be,” the CNN host continued.

Cuomo then claimed that his show “tried to reach out to the Senator, get him to take it off Twitter, bring it here, talk civilized, see if there’s a better way forward,” but said Cruz was not available.

Cuomo was apparently still stinging from his earlier Twitter slugfest with the Texas lawmaker as he attacked him over the election battle and accused him of holding up distribution of a coronavirus vaccine. Cruz triggered the left with a “radical proposition” that he shared on Twitter when he posted a video from his “Verdict” podcast.

The “Cuomo Prime Time” host quickly attacked Cruz.

“Wrong,” Cuomo tweeted. “You have been empowering the notion that there are problems with the count that justify delaying transition in the middle of figuring out how to distribute a vaccine in a pandemic. Own it…because the position owns you and will be remembered.”

Cruz fired back with a simple message: “Hush child.”

Apparently, Cuomo was itching to lose another battle with the senator.

“Senator, you have people on lines for food in your state. Focus on them…on those children. Every day you delay relief the line grows,” he responded, giving Cruz a platform to thoroughly school him on the facts.

“In the past 2 months, we’ve voted TWICE on $500 billion in COVID relief. Both times, Senate Dems filibustered the bill. You should call on your own party to stop blocking relief. EVERY SINGLE Dem voted to filibuster,”  Cruz replied.

“I suspect you never reported on that fact to your viewers,” he added, correctly.

Apparently, Cuomo is still stinging from the on-air beating he took from Cruz back in September when the senator slammed him for his double standards and even brought up his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and his dismal handling of the pandemic in this state.

“Chris, there was a time when CNN actually cared about being journalistic and talking about facts. Donald Trump broke you guys,” Cruz said at the time. “I mean, you’re entire show, your entire network is just about how much you hate Trump.”

The fiery interview also included Cruz telling Cuomo that he and other Democrats “try to blame the people who’ve lost their lives on your political enemies. And that’s just not right… It’s not right at all and it’s particularly not right, Chris, when your brother has presided over the state with the highest death rate in the country.”

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