Mollie Hemingway says ‘media by and large ran the Biden campaign’ while hiding true left-wing agenda

Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway said Thursday Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will owe his victory to the media after they essentially ignored his far-left agenda throughout the campaign.

Hemingway, who is also the senior editor at The Federalist, reacted to calls by some leftist leaders within the Democratic Party including filmmaker Michael Moore, is appealing for Biden to go in big with a so-called progressive agenda.

She noted that while Biden had a reputation for being more of a centrist while he was a U.S. senator and vice president to Barack Obama, he has since embraced policies championed by hard-left figures including Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) — but his shift has been downplayed by the same establishment media that has since unilaterally declared him ‘president-elect.’

She also pointed out that President Donald Trump managed to win 73 million voters — some 10 million more than voted for him in 2016 — while Democrats lost House seats and thus far have not managed to recapture the Senate.

But it was the media mirage that likely helped mask Biden’s true agenda, she said.

“The media, by and large, ran the Biden [campaign] and they presented him as someone who would not be a threat to the American way of life, that he was not as far left as people he defeated in the primary such as Bernie Sanders,” said Hemingway, who is also the senior editor at The Federalist.

She said the media “hid the fact” that once he secured his party’s nomination, he mostly agreed with Sanders on “key issues” like expanding government healthcare and the Green New Deal.

“They hid or downplayed the fact that he chose Kamala Harris to be his vice president, even though she has the most leftist voting record in the Senate. So a lot of people feel that there was some incoherency in this campaign. The far-left knows that they are responsible for helping accomplish this and, yet, now they’re being told to shut up and sit down,” Hemingway observed.

Host Sandra Smith played a clip of Michael Moore who voiced a ‘letter’ to Biden in which he is pressing the former VP to go all-in on a hard-left agenda, like “FDR on steroids.”

Moore also posted an “open letter” to Biden on Medium congratulating him while outlining a far-left agenda he should pursue.

“YOU did it. WE did it! You stopped the madness. A grateful nation – and myself – are in a state of joy, hope and relief,” Moore began his letter. ”Thank you for that! We are all eager to join with you to repair the damage done to our country — and to eliminate that about our society and our politics which gave us Donald Trump in the first place.”

As leftists like Moore will continue to push Biden to deliver for them after they believe they helped get the former vice president elected — an alleged victory that is still being disputed by President Donald Trump, by the way — Hemingway sees a “genuine civil fight” brewing within the Democratic Party between the few moderate leaders and the “far-left progressives.”

“I’m not sure how they’ll resolve it,” Hemingway said, adding she’s not even sure that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) will be reelected by her caucus given that many don’t see her as left-wing enough.

“It is legitimate, it is real, there is a divide in the Democratic Party between that enthusiastic, far-left progressive base, the people who engaged in the riots that were so destructive to cities nationwide and the public face that the media tend to put forward and they will have to resolve that at some point,” she said.

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