Chris Cuomo on Republican ‘enablers’ of Trump: ‘They’re going to lose way more than this election’

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CNN host Chris Cuomo intentionally politicized Veterans Day during his Wednesday evening program to take potshots and make veiled threats against Republican lawmakers who are not speaking out against President Donald Trump for refusing to concede to Democratic rival Joe Biden.

“Happy Veterans Day to the men and women who serve now and who did serve and to the families,” he began. “We appreciate — certainly I appreciate — your service.

“And may we take the message of this day, the ideal of putting nation before self, even committing to the ultimate sacrifice, more to heart,” he continued. “Yeah, I’m politicizing it. And I’m looking at you, GOP enablers. And you know why.”

Cuomo then recounted the history of Veterans Day and how it signaled the end of World War I when the combatants laid down their arms “on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.”

“Well, it is the eleventh hour now after this election and these GOP cronies know it is over,” he contended.

In actuality, only media outlets including CNN have declared Biden “president-elect,” which is nearly unprecedented given that presidential electors from the states do not meet and cast their ballots until Dec. 14. Also, President Trump’s campaign is waging legal battles in a number of states challenging results and alleging improprieties, even as counting continues in some of them.

“Shame on you for allowing crazy to become as contagious as COVID in your ranks,” he said of Republicans.

He then introduced a conspiracy theory suggesting the president was “ousting” Defense Department officials including Secretary Mark Esper ahead of ordering the military to keep him in office.

“Why do you think Trump is ousting Pentagon leadership and loading up with loyalists?” Cuomo asked. “Maybe it’s for troop withdrawal. Maybe it’s to get Russian information released. And maybe it is because he is twisted enough to try to do something way worse.”

Cuomo then floats a veiled threat to his audience: “Remember who said nothing. Remember their shame.

“Again, this goes way beyond Trump. However, the real surprise is the blame that must be put on those who ignore and therefore empower and those who say, ‘This should just run its course,’” the host continued. “Running its course means transition, and they know it.

“I’m telling you. Remember the people who are enabling this fraud. They must answer for defending Trump’s delusions. They are remaining silent when it matters most,” he added.

Cuomo then lambasted Republicans for refusing to address Biden as president-elect, while singling out Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.) for at least insisting on Biden’s transition team being given daily national security briefings.

“Can you believe that’s the best in their ranks?” he said.

“Shame on them. A wax museum is less cold-blooded than these people are. And let them know they are going to lose way more than this election,” said Cuomo.

“This matters. What they’re playing at now matters. This isn’t tax, don’t tax. This isn’t who lies, who doesn’t lie. This is what lies at the heart of our democracy.”

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