Laura Ingraham warns country’s future comes down to two U.S. Senate seats in Ga: ‘It’s all on the line’

Fox News host Laura Ingraham opened her Wednesday evening show warning that a Democratic takeover of the Senate and the White House will be a disaster for the future of the country as the party shifts its focus to two run-off races in Georgia.

“With things still in limbo in the presidential race, many of us haven’t taken the time or really had the energy to contemplate the balance of power in Congress,” Ingraham said as she opened her monologue.

Ingraham then noted that Republicans stand to gain about a dozen House seats after pre-election polling predicted the party would lose ground to the Democrat majority.

“The Senate hangs in the balance now with two run-offs in Georgia against Republican incumbents,” she continued, listing the Democratic challengers to incumbent Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler.

Currently, Republicans hold a 50-48 majority in the Senate after incumbents in Alaska and North Carolina were projected to win their races on Wednesday. But if Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris wind up in the White House — not assured at this point — losing both Georgia Senate seats would produce a 50-50 tie in the upper chamber that Harris, as vice president, would become a tie-breaking vote.

“What would that mean? Well, it would mean there would be no stopping a cavalcade of left-wing policies from…hideous tax increases to healthcare for illegals, ending deportations, the Green New Deal, and court-packing,” Ingraham continued.

“Devastating, all, to our prosperity and our liberty,” she said.

Ingraham went on to remind her audience of a previous appearance on Fox News by Raphael Warnock, the pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, who is running against Loeffler.

“We celebrate Reverend [Jeremiah] Wright in the same way that we celebrate the truth-telling tradition of the Black church …,” Warnock said in 2008, as then-Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois was on pace to become the Democratic nominee and, eventually, our 44th president.

“Very often it makes people uncomfortable, and I think that the country has been done a disservice by this constant playing over and over again of the same sound bites outside of context,” Warnock added.

Wright is the former pastor of a church Barack and Michelle Obama attended in Chicago for decades who became infamous for his “God d–n America” statement over its alleged sins. He also once claimed in a sermon “America’s chickens are coming home to roost” following the 9/11 attacks.

“For every one Colin Powell, a millionaire, you got 10 million Blacks who cannot read. For every one [Condoleezza] Rice, you’ve got 1 million in prison,” Wright said in another clip that Ingraham played.

She went on to describe Jon Ossoff, 33, who is challenging Perdue, as a typical leftist millennial.

Earlier this year, Ossoff said he wanted to “send a message” to those Americans who back President Donald Trump that “you’re going to get beaten so bad you can never run or show your face again in public because we have had enough.”

“He comes off as kind of a punitive little punk, doesn’t he?” Ingraham asked, adding that Ossoff reminds her of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, who describes herself as a Democratic socialist.

She noted further that Ossoff has been accused of accepting campaign money from “suspect foreign sources” including China.

“Issoff is your typical millennial left-wing nightmare,” said Ingraham. “He supports rejoining the Paris climate accord, amnesty for illegal aliens, more money for the butchers at Planned Parenthood and of course the BLM mantra that America is systemically racist.

“Every Georgian must register to vote. There will be three weeks of early voting before Jan. 5. Got to do it,” she went on to say.

“Preserving the hard fought gains of the Trump era, blocking the Democrats’ massive tax hikes, and preventing China from becoming the dominant world power. It’s all on the line and whether Trump’s legal team can prevail or not, he needs to plan major rallies across the state,” she added.

“The great people of Georgia and the people of the United States deserve better than the hell that Schumer and Pelosi would unleash on us.”

Jon Dougherty


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