Tucker Carlson assails CNN, likens Jake Tapper’s post-election unity call to ‘Sicilian Mafia’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson railed on CNN counterpart Jake Tapper during his Monday program, likening his network rival’s demand for post-election unity to the “Sicilian Mafia.”

In his opening monologue, Carlson criticized the media both for declaring Joe Biden president while ballot counting continued in key battleground states and for demanding that Americans accept their declaration amid credible accusations of voter irregularities.

“The real point is that fraud took place and that should horrify us,” Carlson said. “If you want people to believe that our system is real, that our system is worth, say, joining the military and dying to protect, then you’ve got to get to the bottom of what just happened, and you’ve got to do it as quickly and responsibly as you can.”

“You can’t have fraud in an election because then no one will believe in elections, and then things fall apart,” he noted.

Continuing, Carlson lashed out at the establishment media for failing, in his view, to investigate claims of fraud and voter irregularities, despite it being the job of the press to do so.

“Instead, they’re demanding that you shut up and accept Joe Biden, period. That’s their verdict, you must accept it, and if you don’t accept it, they’ll hurt you,” he said. “In other words, no one in this country is going to set up a ‘resistance’ to Joe Biden, they’re going to make certain of that.”

The Fox News host then cited a tweet from Tapper in which he claimed to “sympathize” with supporters of President Donald Trump while offering what appeared to be a veiled threat.

“I truly sympathize with those dealing with losing — it’s not easy — but at a certain point one has to think not only about what’s best for the nation (peaceful transfer of power) but how any future employers might see your character defined during adversity,” Tapper wrote on Twitter.

“Got that? Your character is on trial here. Future employers, take note,” Carlson said in response. “In other words, accept Joe Biden now or you will never work again. Do what CNN tells you to do or good luck feeding your family.”

“Did the Sicilian mafia ever make threats that explicit? No they didn’t, because they knew the FBI was listening but in this case the FBI is on board and so is the entire media establishment,” he continued.

Carlson noted that immediately after CNN declared Biden the president-elect on Saturday, the network released an ad “commanding its viewers to accept Joe Biden as their lawful president and holy savior.”

“If you don’t let Joe Biden into your heart, there cannot be peace,” he added before playing a clip of the ad.

“So what exactly is this healing they’re looking forward to, that they’re commanding you to participate in?” Carlson asked, as he put up a tweet sent out by former first lady Michelle Obama, in which she called for unity while accusing Trump voters of casting a ballot “for the status quo, even when it meant supporting lies, hate, chaos, and division.”

“In her message of unity, Michelle Obama wrote this quote: ‘Let’s remember that tens of millions of people voted for the status quo even when it meant supporting allies, hate, chaos and division.’ End quote,’” Carlson said.

“That’s the ‘unity’ message,” he added. “Let’s remember who disobeyed. Let’s hurt them.”

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