Biden makes controversial taskforce choice and insists: ‘The election is over… wear a mask’

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With a hardy assist from the corrupt media establishment that carried him across the finish line, Joe Biden is working hard to assume the role of president-elect in an effort to distract from the fact that the election is still in flux, with pending recounts and legal actions from President Trump’s campaign.

One of his first official acts as the person who may have won the election is to jump before the cameras and take a leadership role on the Covid-19 pandemic his side weaponized as a campaign tactic — you know, the virus Biden vowed he’ll “shut down” if elected.


Biden talked about a mask mandate on the campaign trail and he is now imploring the American people to start wearing masks — while declaring the election over.

“A mask is not a political statement, but it is a good way to start pulling the country together,” Biden said on Monday.

The leading member of the party that spent four years vilifying tens of millions of Trump supporters as racists and Nazis appealed to Americans to put aside political differences now that his side has presumably won.

“It doesn’t matter who you voted for… it doesn’t matter your party, your point of view,” Biden said. “We can save tens of thousands of lives if everyone would just wear a mask for the next few months. Not Democrat or Republican lives, American lives.”

Biden suggested that there could be as many as 200,000 more deaths before a vaccine can be made widely available, though Pfizer announced on Monday its experimental COVID-19 vaccine is 90 percent effective in preventing infections, and that the first 50 million could be ready by year’s end if the FDA grants approval.

Either way, Biden wants you to know the election is now over.

“I will be a president for everyone,” he said. “This election is over. It’s time to put aside the partisanship and the rhetoric that is designed to demonize one another.”

The demonic rhetoric he speaks of surely being what the media employed to poison the minds of the American electorate against President Trump. Right?

Biden must be buying into the throngs of low-information youth taking to the streets to present him as a savior-like figure, as the candidate billed himself as a healer.

“We have to come together to heal the soul of this country so we can effectively address this crisis as one country, where hardworking Americans have each other’s backs and are united in our shared goal of defeating this virus,” he said.

“The single most effective thing we can do to stop the spread of this virus is to wear a mask,” Biden again pleaded.

Biden announced the formation of the Transition COVID-19 Advisory Board and vowed to implement a mask-wearing mandate when sworn into office — assuming an election marred by millions of unsolicited mail-in ballots holds up in the courts.

(Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, an architect of the Affordable Care Act, is one of the members.)

In an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” medical contributor Nicole Saphier expressed concerns about a move that will suppress Americans’ civil liberties.

“Moving forward, I do want to make sure that they are respecting all Americans,” she said.


“What are we going to do? How are we going to move forward while preserving people’s freedoms, individual freedoms, but also doing what is right for our country as this is a highly contagious virus and the spread was inevitable?” Saphier explained.

As seen in California, Democrats are not above using the force of law to dictate to Americans who can visit their homes, how many at a time, and even how long they may stay.

“We start talking about universal mandates, specifically mask-wearing, and while I understand the concept behind that I think the overall message needs to be just an encouragement of wearing masks,” Saphier said. “That’s what we see in countries across the globe. It’s not draconian measures. It’s just an overall recommendation and really an understanding of why it is important to do it.”

Tom Tillison


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