‘You should delete this’: Kayleigh McEnany responds to claims she deleted official tweets

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White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany swatted down claims she was deleting posts from her official and personal Twitter accounts, calling the accusations “fake news.”

“This is fake news. I have not deleted any tweets, but you should delete this patently false tweet,” McEnany wrote in response to an allegation from The Independent’s Andrew Feinberg.

Others also ripped on Feinberg, including The National Pulse’s editor-in-chief Raheem Kassam. In tagging the British newspaper, he wrote, “Hey @Independent you gonna let your correspondent make up news like this?”

“You should delete this,” noted pro-Trump conservative Ian Miles Cheong.

“Oh, Feinberg… You never stop, do you?” added The Daily Caller’s senior congressional correspondent Henry Rodgers objected.

The tweets came ahead of official declarations of victory for Democrat Joe Biden by Fox News, CNN, The Associated Press and other media organizations on Saturday, even though President Donald Trump’s legal team is continuing to file challenges in several battleground states alleging voting irregularities.

That said, Twitter has either censored or marked as “disputed” nearly all of the president’s most recent tweets regarding the progress of those legal challenges and other statements he has made in support of his contention that he actually won the election.

“Some or all of the content shared in this Tweet is disputed and might be misleading about an election or other civic process,” reads Twitter’s ‘warning’ label.

But as of this writing, Feinberg’s tweet had not received a similar marking.

To that point, McEnany’s tweets have also been tagged with warning labels too, including a Nov. 4 tweet in which she claimed President Trump was victorious in Pennsylvania.

Some conservatives are pushing back against the platform’s perceived censorship bias.

On Friday, BLEXIT co-founder and “Blackout” author Candace Owens announced she had retained legal counsel and is filing a lawsuit against Facebook and its third-party fact-checkers over allegations of censorship after the platform demonetized her.

“For the first time I think America is realizing how censored we are,” she said in a video posted to Twitter.

“It’s supposed to be a free country. The President of the United States getting censored every time he tweets, Eric Trump getting censored, me getting censored, opinions getting censored,” she added.

“So, if you, right now tweet that my ballot was stolen and it could be 100 percent true, the fact-checkers will come in and swoop in and you will get censored,” Owens continued.

“I am not allowed to hit the retweet button on my account, I’m allowed to quote tweet this week, but I’m not allowed to retweet because it’s election week, and somehow automatically if you have a certain amount of followers you get censored,” she said.

Owens has retained Todd McMurtry, the attorney who represents Nicholas Sandmann and who managed to get defamation cases settled against CNN and the Washington Post; and John P. Cole, the lawyer who won the largest lawsuit against the tobacco companies.

Facebook introduced its third-party fact-checking program following disinformation campaigns launched on the platform during the 2016 election cycle, according to reports.

Partners are supposed to verify content posted to that platform as well as Facebook-owned Instagram. Content deemed questionable is flagged content as “false,” “altered” and “missing context.”

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