‘There’s my Biden sign!’ Dem resident pleads with Portland protesters to play nice. They don’t.

With Election Day in the rearview mirror, except for the ongoing counting in a few states needed to assure a Joe Biden win, the radical left is back in the streets — well, to be fair, they never really left, the corrupt media just stopped covering their antics because it was not polling well for Democrats.

Antifa anarchists, radical revolutionaries and Black Lives Matter protesters are back to doing the things President Trump warned about, like moving into suburban areas.


It can be argued that a country that elects a Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket will get exactly what it deserves — though there’s a very good argument to be made that their election was NOT the voice of the people being heard, regardless of what the wholly dishonest media may report in the coming days.

As for just rewards, look no further than Portland, Ore., where the radical left took to residential streets on election night to confront people in their homes. The unhinged ignorance on display was captured for prosperity when a protester was heard yelling, “Asking for people to be peaceful is white supremacy!”

The great irony here is that the lawless mob was confronting a Biden supporter, who was asking them to remain peaceful.

“There’s my Biden sign,” he is heard saying. “Don’t destroy anything. Be peaceful.”

Never mind that these Gen Y protestors had no reason to be in the streets, but being asked to be peaceful was a bridge too far.

“That’s f*cking privilege,” a woman calls out.

“No one cares about your white *ss opinion,” another says. “Who do you think you are telling black people how to protest? You f*cking white ass privileged old man.”

There are far more white liberals making up these mobs than there are black people, and as insane as the rhetoric is, this passes for elevated thought on college campuses across America.

But the stupidity reached new levels when a protester yelled, “You ask for a peaceful protest. It’s white supremacy. Asking people to protest peacefully is white supremacy!”

This type of thinking is propagated daily on cable networks like CNN, which spent four years falsely portraying President Trump as a racist.

And, unfortunately, this thinking will be emboldened with having an ally like Joe Biden in the White House, though the countdown now begins on how soon he’ll step aside as a result of suspected senility and be replaced by Harris — the smart money’s on under a year.

The man came off his porch to try to engage with the mob, and that didn’t pan out too well. Meanwhile, some in the crowd appeared to turn on each other for some reason.

Here’s a sampling of responses to the incident in Portland from Twitter:

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Tom Tillison


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