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Newt Gingrich predicts ‘a bigger shock to the Establishment than 2016’

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Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich predicts a massive Trump victory, saying this year’s landslide will be an even bigger shock to the Left than President Trump’s 2016 win was.

“I think Trump is going to carry 324 electoral votes,” Gingrich told Fox News host Tucker Carlson. “And I think it will be an enormous shock—a bigger shock to the Establishment than 2016—because the country, the average American, is fed up with these politicians. They’re fed up with being told, ‘You have to be locked down, but the politician and his family don’t have to be.’  [Americans] are also sick of being told, ‘You should be frightened!'”

Gingrich predicts that Trump will get a much larger share of the black and Hispanic vote than media pundits claim—despite the Left’s nonstop race-baiting rhetoric attempting to stir resentment among minorities.

Gingrich said stoking COVID panic and hysteria has been the Democrats’ election strategy, but he believes it is backfiring.

Gingrich remarked:  “[Democrats are suggesting to Americans] Why don’t you live your life in fear? Quit being an American, and you too can become a European. That’s the core of this fight. And I think the President is winning it. I’m going to go out on a limb here. He is far more likely to be reelected than he is to ever win “Dancing With the Stars.”

Carlson replied:  “That’s true for a lot of us. That was a very certain prediction you gave: Over 300 electoral votes. If that happens, do you think the people [the establishment] who run this country for so long and did such a demonstrably bad job of it will get the message?”

Gingrich replied: “No. Their entire life is invested in being profoundly wrong. For example, the guy who runs FiveThirtyEight [Nate Silver], who told us last time that Hillary had an 80% likelihood of being elected? Yesterday, he said Biden had a 90% chance of being elected. These are people who don’t learn anything. All of their vested interests are the opposite of Donald Trump, and the teachers union isn’t going to become reasonable. [Same with] the pro-communist China investors.”

(Source: Tucker Carlson Tonight)

In a separate interview with Fox & Friends, Newt Gingrich dismissed pollsters, saying they were dead-wrong in 2016 and they’re wrong again this year.

“These are the same people who told you during all of 2016 [that Hillary was going to win],” Gingrich recalled. “I said for all of October 2016 that Trump was going to win. These people don’t learn anything. They don’t pay any consequences! It doesn’t matter how wrong they are! The people I talk to–people like the Democracy Institute or Trafalgar — companies that actually understand how you poll for conservatives, every single one of them believes Trump’s going to win and probably pretty handily. I said yesterday I thought he’d get 324 electoral votes [and I stand by my prediction].”

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