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Candace Owens warns Dems after walking boarded-up D.C.: ‘You WILL get eaten by your own dogs’

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Conservative activist Candace Owens slammed Democrats for appearing to condone the violence that could potentially erupt in the wake of the election.

The “Blackout” author spoke with Fox News host Tucker Carlson about the boarding up of businesses and even the White House in anticipation of violent demonstrations, calling out Democrats for signaling approval of such behavior and essentially undermining election integrity while warning that it will come back to bite them.

“We’re being told, in spite of six months of videotaped evidence, that the real threat is from the right,” Carlson said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Monday, asking Owens how Americans should respond.

“Don’t believe your own eyes, that’s the left’s motto,” she replied. “Walking down the street today in Washington, D.C., I see these doors boarded up. But here’s what’s really interesting, and I want to point out. These owners are also writing on these boards ‘We support Black Lives Matter.'”

(Source: Fox News)

“Now why would a business owner feel the need to spray paint on their own business [that’s] boarded up, ‘We support Black Lives Matter’ It’s because they’re hoping that f they send that message, they know exactly who’s going to attack them. They know it’s not Trump supporters, they know it’s the left, it’s the radical left,” Owens said.

They know its antifa operating under the guise of Black Lives Matter pretending that them destroying and ruining the inner cities is because they care about black lives. That’s the mirage the left is painting when, in fact,  they just believe it’s the right way to act,” Owens continued, saying they “are getting dog-whistles actively” and the “leftist media is telling them there is no way Trump can win this election legitimately. ”

She cited commentators like House Majority Whip James Clyburn, D-S.C., who claimed that the only way Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden can lose the election is “for voter suppression to be successful.”

“What does that signal to all of these groups…on the left?” Owens asked. “It says, ‘You know what? You have a right to destroy because no matter what happens if you don’t get what you want, it’s because things were not done legitimately.'”

“Is there a point in which people say you need to stop lying to us?” Carlson wondered.

Owens had a direct message to those who are “okay with this” and with “watching these businesses get boarded up and have turned the other cheek this entire year because you hate Trump so much.”

“Let me tell you something. You will get eaten by your own dogs. When we start down this road in America, if you think that we can somehow put the toothpaste back in the tube, there will come a time where your own side and you will have a disagreement, and they’re not going to stop,” she warned.

“They’re going to come for you too and they’re going to move past businesses, they’re going to move into the suburbs, they’re going to move into homes,” Owens predicted. “There is no way to stop this, so be careful and think about that when you head to the polls. You are either on the side of mob rule or you are on the side of law and order…and tomorrow I will be casting my ballot for Donald J. Trump.”

Across the nation, retailers began boarding up their windows in preparation for impending violence in the wake of the election. Even at the White House, precautionary steps were being taken.

Before speaking with Owens, Carlson had highlighted the preparations, especially in Democrat-run cities, in anticipation of “inevitable rioting.”

“Democratic voters have made at least one policy position very clear over the last six months. If they don’t get what they want, they’re going to set things on fire

(Source: Fox News)

“Why don’t the people who own those buildings defend their buildings? Where all the men in this country?” Carlson asked.

“Now we are supposed to believe that the real threat is right-wingers, all those Trump supporters in Los Angeles,” he mocked, citing comments like that of Democratic mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler who singled out “white supremacist organizations” as culprits.

Others on Twitter echoed the comments from Owens and Carlson.

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