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Trump’s hilarious new ad features the president slinging MAGA hats to take out political foes

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Despite being under constant attack by a corrupt national media, President Donald Trump’s sense of humor appears to be intact — never mind that he finds himself in such a stressful time in American politics.

The latest example of his humor is seen in a video shared Tuesday on his YouTube account featuring the president tossing his iconic red “Make America Great Again” hats at political foes.


The tune of the Village People’s “YMCA” plays in the background as the hats zing out of Trump’s hands, except the initials are changed to “M-A-G-A” instead of YMCA.

Trump’s first target in the video is a lawless protester who gets whacked in the groin with a MAGA hat, this being a play on a 2017 Phoenix, Ariz., incident, where an anti-Trump protester was shot in the private parts with a pepper ball.

Failed 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is next, being targeted three times — because she’s such an easy target.

The first clip shows her getting struck by a MAGA hat as she boards an airplane — this being a play on when she tripped and fell as Secretary of State in 2011, while boarding her plane in Yemen.

The second occurs as she slips and almost falls in 2018 while in India — Clinton was in the country promoting her book when she slipped walking down the stairs at the Jahaj Maha palace in Mandu.

The third target came during the 2016 campaign, when Clinton fell ill while attending a 9/11 ceremony.

Clinton was awaiting the arrival of her vehicle and collapsed, with security on either side of her holding the then-candidate up — the Trump video includes a little ricochet action here.

The campaign would later explain that Clinton suffered from a prolonged cough and had been diagnosed with pneumonia, and became overheated and dehydrated at the event.

The video eventually gets around to 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

A MAGA hat thrown by Trump initiates a little boomerang action, circling around the former vice president’s head before whacking him in the side of the noggin.

“C’mon man!” Biden is then heard saying, as the hilarious ad concludes by displaying a Trump-Pence campaign logo.

The Trump campaign’s sense of humor was seen in it’s latest ad out Wednesday.

Titled “47 years of Joe Biden’s lies…,” the spot features a number of incidents where Biden had been caught in fibs over the year, to include his claim that he did not have any knowledge of son Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals.

The smart ad concluded with a zinger of a line.

“For decades lying Joe Biden has been lying through his teeth,” the narrator says. “In fact, those may be a lie too.”

A close up shows what appears to be Biden struggling with misplaced dentures in his mouth.

Tom Tillison


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